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Walking in The Sunshine

Sunshine! Her Warm and Welcoming Beams Brush Away Our Darkness

Mrs Diane Mary Markey
6 min readNov 18, 2022
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Open The Door
Poet: Unknown

Open the door, let in the air;
The winds are sweet and the flowers are fair.
Joy is abroad in the world today:
If our door is wide it may come this way
Open the door!

Open the door, let in the sun;
He hath a smile for everyone;
He hath made of the raindrops gold and gems,
He may change our tears to diadems
Open the door!

Sunshine! Our Sun. Her glow and brightness brush away the darkness of the night. Our star. Our sun. She slowly, but surely, pushes aside the night. She powerfully shows night-time to its daytime cavern. Where it belongs. She greets our weariness with a welcoming, and gentle embrace.

She invites us on an early morning stroll in the freshness of her meadow. She wakens the birds to accompany us as we wander through the undergrowth. She brightens our path. She glistens in dew drops as they gently fall from the leaves above, as we pass by. Our guide, our sun is such a friendly companion. Such gentle warmth and brightness.

She favours no person. We are all welcomed by her. We are all greeted by her warmth and brightness. Be them rich or poor, male or female, young or old. We are all welcome to bask in her warmth and gentle glow. Days when she is hidden from our view by thick cloud cover. Bring us such sadness. Bring us feelings of gloom and ill. We ache for her homecoming. We pine for her warmth and gentle glow. Her sunshine makes our day. Gives us reason to step from the safety of our homes. She is missed. She is missed. Come. We are waiting for her return.

Feel the sun that burns brightly within. Feel Spirit’s warm, loving, presence. The sun of God’s brilliance is always shining from within our warm, loving heart. Mark Ellison

God’s love and kindness will shine upon us like the sun that rises in the sky. Luke 1:78

We are all welcome to walk in the sunshine of God’s love and kindness.

Even on days when we cannot venture into God’s meadow. Even on days when we cannot cross the threshold of our doorway. Feeling



Mrs Diane Mary Markey

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