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Unreal Chains That Bind

Belief Can Be Used To Free You From Chains That Bind!

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If people have a basic understanding of right from wrong, possess a strong desire to better themselves and persist in their cause, they can break the chain of any negative environment. Dave Pelzer

Love is a chain of love as nature is a chain of life. Truman Capote

For we must be one thing or the other, an asset or a liability, the sinew in your wing to help you soar, or the chain to bind you to earth. Countee Cullen

Have you heard the myth of the fully grown elephant held captive by a rope he could have easily broken? The only thing keeping this sad elephant imprisoned was his misguided belief. When this elephant was very young he did indeed try to break this rope and escape. Unsuccessfully. Now many years later he simply does not try.

This story, dear one, is dedicated entirely to you.

The parable of this sad elephant and the simple rope that bound her is embedded with myth and truth. This sad, sad elephant was conditioned by past memories.

You without even realizing formed some mental and emotional ropes.

These are not physical chains and shackles. Nevertheless are no less real. They are the mental and emotional chains that weigh you down. These prevent you from living your life of freedom. Living a life of true happiness.

Have you ever noticed these chains and shackles? Or have they just become part of who you are? You wish your freedom. You wish to simply break free of the chains that bind. To release yourself from the shackles that constrain you.

The release will grant you the freedom to move forward. To reach for your dream. To live a happier life. To live your life to its full potential.

Gustavo Gallina

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There have been times when kind and tender people have felt mercy for circus elephants and others living in captivity. They have fought for the freedom of these sad and innocent ones. They have found them a new home in a humane zoo that seek nothing more that the animal’s well-being.

The owners of the zoo treated the elephant with love and patience. They did not remove the rope, this would have been too traumatic. They patiently and lovingly taught the elephant that the rope was not tethered. The elephant eventually realized that she was free.

Can you imagine the love in the elephant’s heart? After many, many years of misbelief. She is free! Free from past memories. Free. Free to live!

The owners of the zoo and the person who fought for this elephant’s freedom sing their happiness. They used their belief in themselves to work a miracle.

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Dayana Sabatin

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“7 Believable Excuses We Tell Ourselves That Stop Us Succeeding”

Have you this inner will? The inner dedication and conviction to set yourself free.

The chains and shackles may have begun from harsh words spoken by your parents many years ago. Over the progress of time, you may have believed these less than flattering words.

Now, I am going to offer you the knife to cut those chains. This knife is love. Anything is possible with love, right? This knife is lubricated with self-belief. You believe this with all your heart and soul.

You have carried this weight around with you for far too long.

There have been times when you have tried to break free. Only disappointment was the answer. Do you try even harder? Well of course you do! Give these mental and emotional chains and shackles one extra tug.

Your power is the belief within you. Powered with love.

Whatever you can conceive and believe, you can achieve. CHOOSE not to accept the false boundaries and limititation created by the past. Unknown

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Believe in yourself! Remember these chains and shackles are mental and emotional. Therefore, you have the power to change or erase them. It may take time. You may need to seek help. But these ties will only have the power to imprison you if you so choose. They will crumble and fall leaving only a faint memory.

The rope that binds this sad elephant in this myth depicts other self-limiting beliefs as well. Such self-degrading terms as you are not good enough. These chains bind you to a life of constraint and limitations. Not allowing you to reach your dream and full potential.

I know. It took a lot of courage to face my demons. To admit I was good enough. To throw away my chains and shackles.

My dream was to be a professional artist. I was telling myself I was not good enough. I had actually no idea where to start. Such a dramatic change in my life and at 67 years of age. What was I thinking?

I almost listened. But, me being me I tossed away the chains and carried on. Now I have my own website where I promote and sell my original oil paintings. I am at last a professional artist. WOW!

What chains and shackles are threatening to keep your life from being brilliant? If I can do it. So can you.

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Belief, belief in yourself is what makes the difference. It won’t be easy. There will be setbacks. The chains at times will scrape and annoy. But you can picture in your heart your life as it will be when your dream is fulfilled.

No matter what obstacles. No matter what other people may say. You will continue to believe in yourself. Continue in the belief that the chains and shackles have been tossed aside for good.

What is the main lesson that you have learned from the myth about the sad elephant? Is it that when reaching for your dream, no matter how many times you fail? You will keep trying. You will succeed. Your dream will come true. The chains can be broken! Broken by you! Just one more tug!

By trusting, truly trusting in your own abilities, capacities and judgements you break free from your chains. You believe in yourself and successfully face the challenges of each day.

Not only that. Your dream comes true because of your belief in what is possible. By believing in you. Your positive attitude throughout life and conviction that all obstacles will be faced and crossed successfully.

Your life is full! Your life is lived according to your belief in yourself!

It isn’t always easy but you give thanks that you keep on trying.

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