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The uniqueness of A Snowflake and You

Each Snowflake Unique — You Too Are Unique!

A brilliant and unique, silver snowflake on a black background
A Brilliant Snowflake, photo taken by Colin Davis from:

Far above the snow clouds, the moon must have been bright and full. Its light bled through the storm, marking each flake with a silvery luster and pouring a pale, peachy glow onto the mountain. Shannon Hale

They say that every snowflake is different. If that were true, how could the world go on? How could we get up off our knees? How could we ever recover from the wonder of it? Jeanette Winterson

To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold. Aristotle

Do you take pride in your uniquesness? In the fact, you are indeed one-of-a-kind. A true rare Pink Diamond? Acknowledging even though almost 8 billion people are populating this small Blue Dot. There has never been, is not now and never will be — another you.

Just how remarkable is this? You are proud to admit — most of your uniqueness comes from within. Stems from your beliefs. Their influence on your behaviours. You are so very pleased to be the only one of your kind. Not yet perfect — but working on this too!

Now, compare yourself in all your majesty and your uniqueness to a simple snowflake. It too is a singularity. Amongst billions and billions of other snowflakes. It too is unique.

It is impossible. Yet, use your imagination here if you will, please. You have a microscope. And the ability to examine every snowflake. Every snowflake which ever existed.

Can you guess what you would find? Yes, you are correct! No two are anything alike. Every single snowflake is perfect. Every single snowflake is spectacularly beautiful. And, yes, each snowflake is indeed unique. WOW! I don’t know about you, this simply blows my mind!

Consider how many snowflakes it takes to make an avalanche. Consider this. An avalanche is made up essentially of fragile-individual snowflakes. Such beauty —such fragility — but when combined — such destructive power.

Now, back to you, (my precious reader), one and only. There is only one of you. You are unique. And if only on the inside, (like me), you are indeed beautiful. Your inner beauty stems from your beliefs. Which most likely were passed on to you through your family. You value your beliefs above everything else. Even though you may not realize it, your beliefs play a part in who you are and everything you do.

Because your family is too unique — so too is your belief system They may have some common foundation. How you interpret and accept your beliefs, is again unique to you.

Snowflakes in all their glory, photo taken by Raisa Milova from:

Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together. Vesta M. Kelly

We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand…and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late. Beynon Lyons Ray

Snow and the individual snowflake have been fascinating man’s imagination since time immemorial. Think when you venture into a winter wonderland and view a distant snow-capped mountain. Each mountain is indeed capped with millions and millions of individual snowflakes. The glistening slightly blue tinge in the distance. As you get even closer. The single flakes shimmer as diamond crystals, each reflecting the sun’s rays and their singular beauty.

Man with all his combined genius cannot build such majesty. Yes, mankind has built the pyramids. Do they reflect such beauty as the snow-capped mountain? Yes, the pyramids are grand! In their way, they take my breath away. To think so many hundreds of years ago — such precision was achieved.

Scientists today are still at a loss as to exactly how these imposing structures were constructed. Man if we work together can achieve such distinction. Structures that last for hundreds of years. Structures that baffle scientists and bring the admiration of tourists.

You are an individual — you can build. You are part of a structure. A living structure. Your family. This is a structure a snowflake cannot build. After all snow and all snowflakes are merely water — merely H2O. Where you and your family are living and breathing people.

You are unique, as are all the members of your family. You can go back as far as possible on your family tree. Each member of these branches is a one and only. How your family is structured too is unique. If, like mine — very small. Just myself, my husband and two children. Or, quite large. Each family structure has its uniqueness.

Like a snowman you may have constructed in your front garden, it too is unique. Your neighbour’s snowman is one-of-a-kind. Now two families, as no two snowmen — have been, are now or ever will be the same.

That to me is the absolute beauty of both you and a snowflake — Uniqueness!

Majesty of Snow Capped Mountains, photo taken by Ricardo Frantz from:

Snow always inspires such awe in me. Just consider one tiny snowflake alone, so delicate, so fragile, so ethereal. And yet, a billion of them can come together through the majestic force of nature, they can screw up a whole city. Betty White.

As I said earlier snow, therefore, each snowflake is made up of water. Frozen high in the sky. Lands amongst its millions of brothers and sisters. Then eventually melts. A life for a snowflake compared to your lifetime is oh! so brief.

Yet, if you compare your life with the life span of our life-giving Sun. It too is extremely brief. Let me give you an example I love. Some butterflies only have a life span of a mere 24 hours according to our clocks. For these amazing creatures. For these butterflies, this is truly eternity!

Now yes, I know snowflakes are not alive and you most certainly are. What I am trying to get at is. For the short existence of each snowflake-the mountain is capped with such glory. Such beauty! You stand in awe!

Wait a moment. These snowflakes melt and disappear. The magnificence of nature is. As long as winter lasts. A fresh cover of snow replaces the lost snowflakes. Again, the majesty exists for your pleasure and amazement. Again, all is right with your world.

What man builds eventually crumbles and falls. As individual snowflakes melt and disappear. New ones take their place. Is this how man, too is designed? We live for our designated reign. Do what is required to fulfil our purpose. Then our children replace us. Fulfil our destiny. If so! All is good in My World!

Do you feel this way too?

Are you a single person who is part of Man’s destiny? Do you seek and fulfil your purpose in life? Is your purpose to be a single snowflake on a mountain — giving pleasure to your world?

We all are unique. Therefore, your purpose in life is too unique. This purpose when fulfilled adds beauty to the existence of the people who you interact with. And, for all we know — for the Whole of the World. This is your shining glory.

This adds to your beauty. This adds to your uniqueness. You have added to the beauty of your landscape. You are indeed uniquely beautiful. Be proud, shimmer and shine! There is no one in the world like you. And this is in itself magnificent and amazing!

Again the beauty of a snowflake, photo taken by Aaron Burden from:

When a snowflake leaves its grey cloud, tumbles over and over and lands. It has no say where. You too are born and had no say where. There is one gigantic difference. A snowflake is merely water. You on the other hand are a unique person. Capable of making decisions and following through.

You will venture into your life with its opportunities and challenges. Leaving behind your unique footprints along the way. Memories and stories of tasks well done. Of friendships made and love passed on. You were the first person in your family to… Each accomplishment is a major step to where you are now. Your life is for you at times a scary wilderness. At other times an enchanted wonderland.

Why because you are you. You have faith in yourself and the decisions you make. You are not merely a snowflake within a ‘snowglobe’. You are a person of your own making. A unique person — growing and developing. Your life may be limited. For you — it is Eternity!

You are, as snowflakes are, unique and with great promise. You, as indeed all of us do, begin as a blank canvas. This great and exciting life before you is dependent on your choices and decisions. You work alongside others to build your life. Your life — as no other ever has been, is now or ever will be!

The footprints you leave in the sands of history are as unique as you are. You are your storyteller. Each chapter of your life-designed produced and directed by you. Your life — is your building — your pyramid — if you will.

As each snowflake makes you recall how brief your existence is when compared to the cosmos. You are even more determined to make every moment count.

As people all around the world stand in awe at the beauty and majesty as snowflakes fall!

Give yourself a moment to be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished!

The beauty and majesty of snowflakes from:

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Professional Artist. I write stories about Inspiration, Love and Life Lessons. Written from my heart and from life experiences. Qualified Personal Counsellor.

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Diane Markey

Diane Markey

Professional Artist. I write stories about Inspiration, Love and Life Lessons. Written from my heart and from life experiences. Qualified Personal Counsellor.

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