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Two Blind Men Healed Through Faith

Their Faith In Jesus and Belief in His Ability to Heal Opened Their Eyes!

The Holy Bible with Heaven opening as a backdrop.
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Jesus miraculously raises a girl from death in the Capernaum ruler’s house. Reports of this miracle travelled far and wide throughout the district. (See Matthew 9:25–26)

As Jesus was leaving the ruler’s place He was followed by two men of faith. These two men knew who Jesus was. He was the Messiah. How did they indicate their faith in Jesus? Their belief in His Messiahship? By their utterance to Him. By their cry for help. Have mercy on us, ‘Son of David.” (Matthew 9:27b). This title is reserved for the Messiah and the Messiah alone. It emphasizes His union with God’s Holy Kingdom.

This is the first time Jesus, Christ has been addressed as the Son of David.

These two men were physically blind. Yet their spiritual eyes recognized Jesus as their Messiah. As God the Son. They recognized that He had the power to heal. They knew Jehovah’s mercy was needed also. The mercy for them to be healed was a gift from Jehovah. Do you agree with me about just how much these blind men were actually able to see?

The spiritual eyes of these two blind men were so wide open. So filled with the wisdom of God and love for Him. They believed God is merciful. They had faith in Jesus. That Jesus is from and is God. Therefore, Jesus too is all merciful.

Their faith in Jesus was complete and they knew who He was. Jesus, Son of God. So they cried out: “Have mercy.” Mercy is to show help in a practical way. Is there any more practical way than this? To give sight to a person who is blind?

Their faith that Jesus had the power to restore. To open their eyes was rewarded by Jesus. Their sight was restored. They could see. Jesus used this miracle to teach. To show a deeper meaning behind this restoration of sight. The healing of souls. Jesus was more concerned with spiritual blindness which leads to separation from God.

By following Jesus from the ruler's house. By crying out “Have mercy on us, Son of David.” These two men proved their faith in Jesus. Their Messiah. Validated their belief in the mercy of Jehovah, God of Israel.

Jesus acknowledged the faith of these men. Saw in their hearts their absolute belief in His ability to restore their sight. This also gives us an indication that Jesus had most probably already been revealed to their souls. That they had been already enabled to see Him and who He was.

Their faith has testified to Jesus’ ability to heal. Now Jesus goes even further. His power heals their sight. Consequently, the power to save is proven.

Their response to Jesus: “Yes, Lord.” Without hesitation, “Yes, Lord.” Showing total belief in Jesus. Yes, Lord.

Then the miracle. The gentle touch of God Almighty. The healing touch of Jesus, Son of God. Sight is restored. Have you ever considered what this restoration of sight really means? When eyes take in light, all sorts of things happen within the brain and nervous system, etc. For these two men to make sense of what they are now seeing.

All these functions needed to be restored at the precise second of sight restoration. Making this miracle even more miraculous. It is not only the eyes that were involved. But a whole lot more.

Can you imagine looking around and seeing for the first time? What do you see first? The Person these two men see before them, is Jesus, God the Son. They see God Almighty standing before them in all His glory. God in human form. Yet still God. Their hearts are filled with so much praise. So much gratitude and thankfulness for all that Jesus has done for them.

Jesus their Messiah has spoken: “According to your faith be it done to you” (Matthew 9:29b). Now they see before them the glory of God. Is it any wonder they spread His fame? Disobedience yes!

Jesus not only spoke words of healing. Spoke words of divine love to these men. He also touched them. The fingers of God laid lovingly. Healing touches on the closed eyes of these two men.

In the Near East in those ancient days, eye diseases were as untouchable as the disease leprosy. Was Jesus fazed? No! He loved these two men of faith. So this gentle, loving and healing touch have such significance. Such lessons are to be heard and heralded by all followers and believers. Through all time.

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Jesus as God with His divine healing power could have opened these men’s eyes with His words of love. But He chose to teach. He chose to show all believers. Touch given with the love of God is a gift. A gift of grace and mercy.

God, Jehovah provided His mercy from Heaven. He still does today. We all need His mercy. We all have times when we cry: “Have mercy, Son of David.”

Jesus touches us with His healing and we are restored.

When your sight is restored and Jesus is standing before you. Do you recognize the true miracle that has occurred? Is your faith as strong and as real as these men in Matthew’s story? Do you recognize Jesus as your Messiah?

Jesus is passing by. You recognize Him. You cry out. Have mercy, Son of David, Have Mercy!

Miracle of miracles. He stands before you. He loves you so much. He heals your spirit. You are made whole once more. He stands before you. He touches you with His fingers of love. You are touched by God. You will never be the same. You have been touched by God. You are loved by God.

The Messiah. Jesus, the Son of David, stands before you. He loves you. He has restored you before God the Father. This miracle is more precious than the restoration of physical sight. This miracle is your passport to paradise. Your soul has been made pure once more. You are again righteous before God.

Your faith in Jesus has been rewarded. Your belief in God’s mercy and grace is upheld. Your life will be a living testimony to God’s love. Your life is a living sacrifice to God your Heavenly Father. Your life will shine God’s love on the people around you.

God loves you and He always will!

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