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The Miracle of the Human Hand

The Human Hand Can Serve, Comfort and Heal!

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Life itself is the real and most miraculous miracle of all. If one had never before seen a human hand and were suddenly presented for the first time with this strange and wonderful thing, what a miracle, what a magnificently shocking and in explicable and mysterious thing it would be. Christopner Fry

When I touch a human hand, I touch heaven. Nicolas Malebranche

Our heart is wide enough to embrace the world and hands are long enough to encompass the world. Amit Ray

Cameron Coward

I recommend his article: “Soft Robotics Improve Prosthetics for Human Augmentation:

Have you ever stopped and thought about how wondrous and miraculous your hands are?

Well, I never gave mine a glancing thought.

I always ask for guidance and inspiration from God the Father before commencing a new story.

The human hand popped into my mind. Instantly inspiration hit. And wonder struck me. I look at my hands in a completely different light now.

I started my usual Google search for information on my topic. I am astounded.

Well, God, the Creator worked wonders when He created the human hand.

I will never take my two beautiful, magnificent and amazing hands for granted ever again.

People use their flexible and dextrous hands to do such things as:

  • create skyscrapers that amaze me how they don’t topple over in the first wind;
  • play masterpieces on a piano;
  • hold their young child’s hand as they guide her across a very busy street.

Have you ever thought that it is only the human race that has the dexterity to touch each finger with the opposing thumb? It is this adaptability and flexibility that makes grasping tools, pens, paint brushes and everything else we use possible.

Just touch any finger with your thumb for me now, please. Think about this ability for a moment. Ponder on the ability to grasp a kitchen knife when preparing a gourmet meal. Well, isn’t that something?

It is the ability to grasp that makes your human hands a miraculous gift from God the Creator. To be able to regulate the touch of your fingers.

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I enjoy playing the electronic keyboard. I need extraordinary sensitivity. The ability to regulate the speed of my fingers and to know when and where to place each finger and for how long. I am no maestro. But the pouring of sweet music from my organ gives me such pleasure and joy.

Do you play a musical instrument at all? Have you taken the time to consider the miracle of adaptation and flexibility of your fingers?

Or, like me do you find your passion in creating beautiful aesthetic original paintings? Well, the gentle touch is definitely needed here. Small brush strokes here. Larger and heavier ones there. All controlled by your very intelligent brain.

I hope now when you go about your daily chores you take a good, long look at your hands.

They are a miracle designed specifically for you. Each time you prepare a meal. Each time you play a musical instrument or key in a letter on your laptop. Or guide your young child across the road safely by holding her hand in yours. Give a few words of gratitude for your two miraculous hands.

These simple and yet complex tasks are only possible by the unique human hand. And its essential companion. The human brain controls and guides each movement.

Another astounding purpose our hands perform is at times life-saving.

How our amazing and wonderful hands help us to survive. Well, thank you hands!!

When your child was just a newborn baby and it was her bath time. You used your fingertips to test the temperature of the bath water. Ensuring it was not too hot. Your precious baby meant all the world to you. You were not going to let her get scolded, right? Just a slight touch with the tip of your fingers and instantly your brain told you if the bath was safe or not.

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The human hands perform other miracles.

In my heart and soul, this is oh! so important!

To give love and comfort to other people.

I have been married for over forty years. The love and comfort I receive and give from the simple gesture of holding hands. Simple, typed words on a page cannot describe.

When you touch a loved one’s hand. Your heart sings. The touch resonates with your soul and spirit. A gentle touch from your child generates gladness in your heart.

Can you remember the first gentle touch you gave your newborn baby? The sensation instantly touched your heart. It may have been many years ago. But can be instantly recalled and remembered whenever needed.

The human hand can comfort a beloved pet as he visits a vet after an injury or illness. Words may not be needed. Just the gentle and loving touch of his mistress is enough to settle his fears.

Another major miracle.

The human hand can heal.

The skills of a surgeon are made possible through the ability to grasp surgical instruments. Saving a patient’s life.

For the medical staff to use their tender and gentle touch to comfort both the patient and family.

To record notes on each patient ensuring optimum treatment for each.

And, of course at the end of a long, hard day to grasp a well-deserved drink. Bringing themselves comfort.

What else can these miraculous hands do? They can keep records in a bank, operate a cash register in our local store, clean windows, etc., etc.

What is the most important thing your hands can do?

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For me, the most important thing my hands can do each day.

Is to close in an attitude of prayer to God the Father. I do pray frequently throughout each day. Sometimes I do close my hands in acknowledgement. When in the presence of God the Father. Thanking Him for His love for me.

After all, He reaches down from His heavenly realm and He touches me with His hand of love.

So, the next time a loved one reaches out to touch you with love. Remember the hand he is reaching out with is, too a miracle.

He is reaching out to you with his heart and soul’s healing power of touch.

Touch when combined with love plays such a vital role in your life.

To think it is made possible because we can regulate the sensitivity of each finger when we touch someone.

The gentle touch of love is worth more than all the gold in the world.

Next time a loved one is sad. All that may be needed is a gentle, loving touch. A soft pat on his hand. A warm hug on a cold day.

We connect in a way that creates healing for which no store-bought medicines can substitute.

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So, do you agree? Are your hands amazing, wondrous, works of art and miraculous?

Hands do many marvellous things, in companionship with the human brain:

  • Create skyscrapers;
  • Play musical instruments;
  • Create original paintings;
  • Safely guide young children across a busy road;
  • Heal the sick;
  • Comfort the sad and lonely;
  • Cook a gourmet meal, etc., etc.

And, write this story for you, dear one.

They close in an attitude of prayer when one enters the presence of God the Father.

Each time you are touched by a loved one remember the gift which is the miracle of the human hand.

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Diane Markey

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