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Shine As Brightly As A Star

Your Love Shines As Bright As A Star!!

An amazing image in infra-red of the centre of thr Milky Way Galaxy
A close-up from a new image of the Milky Way. (Credit: I. Heywood, SARAO)

We’re stars, you know. Different, distant, young and old, but we’re all made of the same stuff. We all shine just as bright as the next. Dannika Dark

Let today be the day you embrace your beautiful spirit and shine light for those living in the dark. Light their path so the road traveled will be seen more clearly. You never know how much a simple act of kindness is appreciated if you never try. Be that candle for someone today and shine bright. Amaka Imani Nkosazana

To enlighten the world, let your light of love and kindness shine as bright as the morning sun. Debasish Mridha

Linda Moran

I recommend her inspirational article: “Practicing Kindness and Compassion”

When you gaze in awe and wonder at the uncountable stars on a clear and moonless night. Are you absolutely astounded by the sheer elegance and numbers?

When you watch documentaries or read articles on your miraculous universe, its mammoth dimensions are beyond your comprehension. When you zoom into the individual star. Its complexity and beauty. Does it take your breath away?

So it is with humanity. We are like the stars in the Milky Way. Billions upon billions of individuals crowded together on our planet, Earth.

Each one of these billions is a person, unique and beloved. Each is a star shining brightly.

Each person may only be a tiny fraction of the population of the human race. Yet, each individual is a child of God the Father. Every person is so important, he was created by the perfect, unconditional and infinite love of God, the Creator. So loved, Jesus Christ sacrificed His life for each of the billions upon billions of individuals.

You and I live in our own galaxy. Our own local community. We orbit and spin around our neighbourhood. We may even impact in some fashion the lives of those around us from time to time.

Our family and close friends are our individual solar systems. We depend on them. They in turn rely on us. Love acts as the gravity that binds this unit together. Invisible energy and force that sees this unit through all catastrophes and the darkness of life.

Image from

You and I are shining stars. How brightly we shine depends on the amount of love we give and share with others.

I heard it said many times that you and I are made of Star Dust! WOW! How really amazing!

Is this why people say that when you love deeply. You actually shine! Because the stardust you are made of gets a chance to sparkle and glow. Now, this is something, yes?

As Dannike Dark said in his quote, “we’re stars”. You are made of stardust. When you give and share your love. Generously and without thought of yourself. You sparkle and glow ever brighter.

Your light like the light from our life-giving sun is made of individual rays. For our sun, its light is broken into the rays of the spectrum. From ultra-violet to infra-red. Our human eyes can only detect a limited amount of these rays.

This is so with the love you shine on to others. Others can only feel what you give and share.

Spreading your light/love with Random Acts of Kindness each day illuminates other people’s lives.

It for me is more than doing random acts of kindness. It is growing and developing into a person who is KIND!

A person who is kind, compassionate and tender deep down. These sweet, beautiful and love-bearing gifts quietly shine through.

When touching other people kindness exuberates from your heart. You have practised kind acts so often in your life. The very nature of kindness is now a loving habit for you.

Rampal Singh took this photo from

You want to lighten the life of each person you touch. You see first-hand that natural kindness contributes in a meaningful way. Kindness makes a real difference.

Your loving kindness shines again and again. Your local solar system— your community, family and friends are illuminated by your kindness.

Your love also brings peace to this disquieting and turbulent world. Times of hatred and violence at levels never witnessed before in human history.

You again remember that each person on this planet, Earth, is a child of God the Father. Each person you meet needing and craving for peace! Not just lack of violence. But pure peace!

I have found when I am out and about in Moree that just a genuine loving and friendly smile makes all the difference. People are so used to the generic “how are you?” Not, a sincere smile. Sometimes a little chat follows.

You never know when you greet a stranger with your warm and loving smile. You may open a door a crack to peace in his life. You never know unless you try.

You want your ray of peace to shine into this stranger’s heart. It may be just a glimpsing pass. Not more than that. Remember God in all His glory works miracles with less. Your loving smile may have brought hope into this stranger’s heart and his day is not so dark.

And, this gentle and welcoming smile is free and in some way brightened your day as well.

Maybe you feel as if you need to spread your rays of peace, kindness and compassion onto more lives.

You know of people in our local community whose lives are definitely less than peaceful. It is you, and you alone, who know how to shine your peace into their lives.

You have your love to give and share. Your rays of kindness, peace and compassion to spread. You remember that these acts of love begin at home. In your local community.

Maybe you find a voluntary position where you can assist the poor, victims of domestic abuse and others. These people may have nothing to give you in return. Their way of saying Thank You, maybe to love you just a little. After all, you are not doing this voluntary service for YOU!

You are trying to bring peace and happiness into the lives of these people. You are shining your love on people in need. Your brilliant rays of kindness, compassion and peace help provide. Help provide food, shelter and other necessities of life. Their world. Their lives are happier and more peaceful.

All because you are by character and nature a person of genuine KINDNESS!

Remi Walle took this photo from

For the more private and intimate people in your life — YOUR FAMILY!

How do you shine your love on each of these special, oh so special, people?

Every now and then small acts of love. Perhaps, a handwritten card stating how very much that person means to you. OR! A box of her favourite chocolates to be shared. With a few tender words of deep-seated LOVE!

Spread throughout the life of the relationship. Tiny and yet significant acts prove your LOVE!

Giving small surprises for no apparent occasions signifies LOVE so deep and true.

Humanity as like the stars in the night sky is counted in the billions.

Each person is of value and worth and deserves our love!

To shine our love on those we touch. Acts of kindness, compassion and love are needed.

A gentle and loving smile can and does brighten a dark day. In this violent and turbulent world.

We need to shine our light brighter now. Other people’s paths will be ILLIMUNATED by our love!

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Thank you!



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Diane Markey

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