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POWER OF ART — Brings Hope and Peace

Healing Power of a Beautiful Painting in its Creation and Appreciation

Magnificent Image

To send light into the darkness of men’s heart’s — such is the duty of the artist. Robert Schumann

Sometimes the paths we take are long and hard, but remember those are often the ones that lead to the most beautiful views. Have the courage to make that journey. Dainere Anthoney

Great art picks up where nature ends. Marc Chagall

Nature and all life is God’s magnificent creation! I stand in awe every day. From the rising of the sun till the moment it sets in all its glorious colours. No artist can truly capture God’s creation, no matter how skilled. We are blessed, however, to have Masters, and others, who have succeeded in transposing a small piece of nature onto canvas for our pleasure.

Onlookers standing before a beautiful painting may be carried away to a distant place and time. A beautiful painting truly has the power to carry the viewer off on a journey. Perhaps this journey has healing power, even if only for a moment. The power to take away loneliness. The power to replace sadness with a smile. The power to reminisce for a moment. A beautiful painting can inspire!

I am not a great artist— I am aiming to be!!! Have fun on the way!!!

Art — Love — If it feels good do it — as long as it does not harm. I do good with my Original Seascapes and Landscapes which capture Australia’s natural beauty.

I was given, by God, the ability to put brush to canvas and create. I, as indeed, all of us, have experienced times when the hole life had dug for me was impenetrable-so to speak. Circumstances in my life had been so overwhelming. The hole seemed to be so immense and there was no ladder. At times like that, I felt lost and all seemed so dark. At times like those, I would love to have sought refuge in the Great Outdoors. Yet, in those times, this simple opportunity never presented itself.

I know we have all experienced these moments of crisis.

The creation of a beautiful seascape for the artist is healing beyond wonder. When I cannot get out of the house-I can lose myself in the process of painting. Then in a REAL way — I am HEALED. I also have an extra blessing — a beautiful work of art, to be professionally framed and put up for sale. This seascape painting is in itself an escape, it is a reflection of Australia’s beauty. Again, God has worked “all things for good”.

No artist can do justice to God’s beauty, photo taken by Engin Akyurt from:

Thank you for life, and all the little ups and downs that make it worth living. Travis Baker

Even though we all have times in our lives when we merely struggle through. Each day life always shows the way. Even though there are times when we feel we are only one person with too many roles to juggle — life always shows a way to escape. I have found the simple act of creating an original artwork allows me time to step aside from my troubles and just Be!

The abandonment from the everyday pressures, even if just for a few hours, allows me to tackle life. I have something I am indeed in control of. This gives me a perspective I would otherwise not have even imagined. Then I tackle life’s obstacles head-on and indeed carry on.

So, I am at peace. Seeking peace through nature and the creation of art.

Nature teaches us to observe life around us.

We also find peaceful retreat in Nature. Nandita Mishra

Seeking peace through Art/Paintings:

So, when life throws me a curveball — so to speak — and getting out to the Great Outdoors is not possible. Then there is Art/Painting!!!

One of my original Seascape Oil Paintings

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. Twyla Tharp

I believe all beautiful paintings, no matter their style or genre, enlighten our hearts and bring joy. When you linger for a moment before your favourite painting — is your heart lighter? Is the simple act of just being in its presence an act of Joy?

I believe a beautiful painting encourages both the artist and the onlooker to move beyond the mundane. Each day brings chores and duties which must be filled. Each day brings stresses and pressures building to boiling point.

An alluring painting encourages both the artist and the person appreciating it to look beyond the circumstances surrounding their lives. I feel the artist has an extra benefit in the stunning artwork created. It is a reflection of how he/she felt about the subject as it was being painted.

Paintings, to me, are a visual means of shaping our everyday lives and provide extra meaning. A painting’s bright colours add to its own story as well as enhance the aesthetic value to the viewer’s world. My original paintings are my way of telling Australia’s story. By capturing Australia’s natural beauty in seascapes and landscapes and then offering them for sale — their stories are indeed being told on canvas.

A painting’s importance has a role to play in the orchestra of art. Along with music, dance, and all the other forms of art, paintings bring light, joy, and peace to a person’s life. Paintings have one extra advantage they last for more than a lifetime.

Art is the right hand of Nature. The latter has only given us being, the former has made us men. Friedrich Schiller

Please, if you will? When you are busy out and about, take a moment and look around. Paintings are all around us. Beautiful, and perhaps to our eyes — the not so beautiful. Artwork brightens our homes, motels, restaurants, banks, offices, etc. Paintings are even finding their way as impressive murals on the sides of business buildings, wheat silos, mailboxes, and toilet blocks, just to name a few.

Digital art has also found its way as screensavers on laptops and mobile devices. Digital art is also found in large advertisements at airports. One of my favourite original seascapes is indeed a screensaver on both my desktop and my mobile phone.

It is simply wonderful how paintings of all descriptions are everywhere — and — do indeed brighten our lives. We experience the ‘unspoken word’ every day and everywhere we go.

A Beautiful Painting by Simon Berger from:

To send light into the world and let it Soar!

Paintings help us soar Spiritually and Emotionally

Expressing feelings without words. Felix Pham-Medium

As an artist, I feel the pure joy of creating an enticing seascape or the occasional landscape, oil painting. Painting relieves all day-to-day stresses and brings me true joy. I only hope my paintings will be appreciated and open the mind of the viewer. Perhaps allow the imagination to wander for a while.

Art’s Healing Powers Also Expands How You and I See Our World

As the creator of original oil paintings, I at times lose myself in the actual process. Now I look at the world from the perspective of an artist. Let me give you an instance here. When I am strolling along my favourite beach and a wave crashes on a rock. I immediately picture that wave in my next seascape. Or, when I am hiking in the woods, and see a magnificent tree. It again is pictured in my artist’s mind in my next landscape. I thoroughly enjoy this new way of perceiving my world.

Viewing my painting as a gift from God photo taken by Jess Bailey from:

Art can change everything

Appreciate art because hope and

Desire is not easy.

Unfortunately, there are times when you and I cannot spend time with nature in the ‘Great Outdoors’. So, to seek peace we must find an alternative. Perhaps a fascinating landscape or seascape where our imagination is allowed to take flight, if only for a few precious moments. This cherished escape indeed brightens our day and adds value to our lives. This beloved artwork is there for us whenever we need it- a blessing to be enjoyed simply by being in its presence and merely by BEING!!

I am a retired Personal Counsellor and I have studied such therapies as Cognitive Therapy. Yet I had never considered Art being used as a tool.

We all have our way of expressing who we are creative. This is a wonderful unique to the human race and must be treasured. Without going too deeply into the ‘Why’s’. I paint for two main reasons. Firstly, to capture the essence of Australia’s beauty in oils on canvas. Secondly, just for the sheer joy, it brings to me.

Image and quote from:

Art is about changing what we see in our everyday lives and representing it in such a way that it gives us hope. Kehinde Wiley

How Art Heals the Artist

The simple truth is when I had a bad day and simply had to force myself to paint — I was always glad I did. I inevitably felt brighter, more at peace and more positive about myself in general. In fact, after a day with a brush in hand-in before my easel, I consistently felt appreciative of my gift from God. The ability to glance frequently at my reference photo and transform it into a seascape oil painting left me feeling more confident. At times capable of conquering the world.

Seeking peace in my turbulent times through the creative process infused a calmness and brings the peace I am seeking. In my busy, at times stressful, life I seem to constantly be seeking peace. I feel the creation of a seascape painting gives me that sense of peace. I am fortunate to live in Australia with its striking natural beauty.

A superb painting sheds light into the viewer’s life and teaches us to appreciate nature.

So, let us, among our daily chaos, find peace. Let us stand in awe before our favourite painting and just be Peaceful.

How Art Heals the Viewer

Do you at times feel when you are in the presence of your favourite piece of art that you may be a ‘little in awe’? Many scientists and those in the medical field state — standing in awe of your favourite painting is “equivalent to gazing at a loved one” (

As I have suggested many times throughout this article — simply being in the presence of your favourite painting brings peace and joy. So, if it is at all possible, please, feel the healing power of paintings and surround yourself with Art.

Another Magnificent Landscape painted by Anshul Jain from:

Fine Art is Good Medicine. Kimberly Poppe

Fine art being displayed throughout our family home adds meaning to our life.

Please add brightness, pleasure, joy and peace to your life!

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