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One Chance to Get Life Right

What Feels Like Eternity to You Is Merely A Blink of an Eye To God!

Image of the sunrising over the ocean with a quote from Mae West about “only living once, so do it right.”
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I believe that if you don’t derive a deep sense of purpose from what you do, if you don’t come radiantly alive several times a day, if you don’t feel deeply grateful at the tremendous good fortune that has been bestowed on you, then you are wasting your life. And life is too short to waste. Srikumar Rao

Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity. Henry Van Dyke

Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them. William Arthur Ward

Aiming for perfection, you realize that you have only one opportunity. Life and time move in one direction. “Time and Tide wait for no man!” One direction only — this is forward towards a perfect achievable future. Past is done and is only a memory. The future is only a dream.

It is only the current moment that is in your power to control. This is an awesome power that has great responsibilities attached. This current moment when lived with a sense of joy and love will give you a life of attainment and satisfaction.

I try my utmost to live each moment as if God the Father is watching me. Which He is. He will always be my ever-present guide and Heavenly Father. I am not perfect. Mistakes will be made, and people will be hurt. I sincerely try my absolute best. Pleading for forgiveness along the way when needed. Aiming for perfection which I believe is obtainable and achievable if strived for in each moment.

At the end of my life’s journey, I will have no regrets. Souly because each moment is taken with love as its compass.

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Sadly many people fall victim to the media hype that being perfect is only for the ‘lucky few’. That perfection stems from good looking features, social status and incredible talents. This thankfully is totally untrue!

As you are aiming for perfection. You have total control over whether or not you choose to be an exceptionally lovable person. This is a critical element of the power controlled by you in each current moment of your exciting life.

Now, I am going to break down what I feel being an exceptionally lovable person means to me.

Exceptional. My son Mark, when he was quite young coined the phrase: “I was his own Pink Diamond.” Why, because to him I was both rare and precious. Did I deserve this honour? This out-of-the-blue song of love? Well, no — not really. I was just being a mother of a son who loves me with all his heart.

So, exceptional. Definition: Forming an exception. I am certainly this. I am proud of my uniqueness and individuality. I am a rare and beautiful butterfly to be shared by those I love the most.

You too are exceptional. Better than average in everything that matters to you. Building and growing to perfection with each moment. You are proud of who you are and do not bend just to please others.

Yet, you do not feel superior in any way. It is humbling to you when you share love and it is acknowledged and praised. You share love out of the kindness of your nature not to receive honours.

Have you ever had a loved one who comments on how exceptionally well-dressed you were on a particular day? Well, that goes back to the power controlled by you over that day. The choices you made. The patience displayed in the selection of the clothes.

It displayed to the universe that everybody you were going to meet was of value and importance to you. The people you were meeting were important enough to get dressed up for. And, besides “playing dress-up” every day is sheer fun.

For you being exceptional isn’t a chore. It is simply who you are! When you do meet these people for whom you are ‘playing dress-up’, they are exceptional people too. No, this is not play-acting on your behalf. Your heart truly resonates with their exceptional hearts. Recognizing two-like minded souls.

After all, we are all aiming for perfection, yes?

Here is an article by a fellow Medium author, Riaz Lask:

“8 Simple Ways to Become an Exceptionally Lovable Person.”

Her story resonates with how your presence impacts the people you meet.

Be the guiding light, the photo was taken by Joshua Earle from

Now, to one of my very favourite words in the English vocabulary — lovable! I am not talking about outside and put-on appearances. But the deep-down and real you. The real you that has taken a lifetime to be. And is still growing, ever aiming for perfection.

Yet, many say that perfection cannot be achieved. I choose not to listen to those who want to darken my dream. Perfection is not the absence of mistakes, for me. But learning from them. Pleading for forgiveness. Picking myself up. Dusting myself off. Stepping into the next moment toward my obtainable goal.

You are lovable. Now let’s look at the definition of lovable, shall we? Though love is a gift from God the Father, any man termed meaning is strictly limited. Lovable-definition: Inspiring or deserving of love or affection; Having qualities that attract affection.

Now, this is where the responsibilities of the power you control over each moment come into play. Because you are a lovable person, people are naturally drawn to you. So you have the duty of care to each person to show your sincerity and be constantly genuine.

Here is a WikiHow article on: “How to Be Lovable”:

Co-Authored by Julio Acoob, PhD

The weight of the world is not placed on your shoulders by these responsibilities of love. Just the opposite. Interacting with each person you meet with love fills your heart and life with blessings and gladness. Each word you utter. Each gesture you make. Each thought you silently mull over is all inspired by your love.

Therefore, when you are chatting with a friend you meet, you demonstrate your love for her by:

  • Put away your mobile phone. She is your number one priority for now.
  • Ask the appropriate questions. Proving to her she is listened to and understood.
  • You are genuine. No pretence, only sincere friendship, kindness and compassion.
  • Never pass judgment. That is not your place. She unfortunately may have others who too easily misjudge her already.
  • Never seek attention. Her needs should always come first.
  • Be consistent. Always be caring, honest, compassionate and true to who you are.

As you step through life you see each moment as a giant leap forward to getting your life right. You have chosen to be the exceptional and lovable person you have become.

You are displaying to the entire universe and each person you meet who you are. A person who bases each word, thought and interaction on sincere and genuine love.

You recognize in everybody you meet, that this is their goal as well. That each person is exceptional and lovable. They too aim to get their life right!

Your journey to perfection will last your whole life!

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Diane Markey

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