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Live An Extraordinary Life

The Power Within Accomplishes Extraordinary Things!

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Have confidence. Like the first spark of morning light against the entire night sky, recognize the Power and Brilliance within you. Marrett Green

Open your eyes to what wonders exists in the world. You have within you the power to create the life you want. Steven Redhead

There is Soul within you and if you have faith in it, everything in this world will be available to you. Dada Bhagwan

Going from ordinary to extraordinary doesn’t just happen. In one of my previous stories, I wrote of my heroes. Conquerors such as Edmund Hillary, took on the highest mountain on earth, Mount Everest. And won! He didn’t simply magically appear at the summit. He chose to live his life as if it had no boundaries. Therefore, for him climbing — conquering — the highest mountain on earth was achievable!

Where did this ability to achieve the seemingly impossible come from? “The ability to take ordinary to extraordinary comes from within” Tony Robbins.

Have you ever considered yourself extraordinary? You have the power within, which provides you with the self-confidence and self-esteem needed to soar. The decision must be made. The question must be asked. What is your destiny-ordinary or extraordinary?

This moment-this decision will define how your destiny is shaped. Your power within provides the awareness of each situation and its possibilities. This awareness provides you with the tools necessary to change all which needs changing.

Your self-confidence empowers and motivates — the changes take place. Each day is a day of beauty and accomplishment. Each day is a day of unbound possibilities.

To get from ordinary to extraordinary means shifting focus. Means raising the standard of your life. You begin to picture the life you want. Your extraordinary life was gained through hard work, motivation and a great deal of imagination along the way. In addition to self-confidence, you will gain the power of positive focus.

This additional power will help you focus on overcoming adversity and other challenges as they occur.

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If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. If broken by an inside force, life begins. Great things always begin from the inside. Jim Kwick

People do not decide to be extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things. Edmund Hillary

Making your life extraordinary, one choice at a time. You can begin now. Adjectives to describe how your life would become are merely words. Do you want results right? Everything which occurs in your life involves the choices you make.

You may not have control over your circumstances. You do indeed have control over how you react and behave. Choosing to constantly act with good grace and other positive re-inforcing behaviours promises an extraordinary life. A life you have chosen.

You see it may be this simple. If in every moment, of every day. You choose to do the simple/ordinary things with good grace and positive thoughts. You will see for yourself, how all these simple ordinary things can add up. Add up to an extraordinary life.

You have realized changing ordinary to extraordinary is such a personal and intimate choice. Now it seems quite overwhelming as well. How can you be extraordinary?

I asked this question myself when I decided to become a Professional Artist. I could have chosen to take up painting as a hobby. This wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted to capture the sheer beauty of Australia’s nature. Transform this beauty into the original landscape and seascape oil paintings. Promote and sell my artworks to Australian art collectors. Eventually, become a world-renowned Master Artist. Not there yet — still trying!

You know the old saying: “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Well, to go from ordinary to extraordinary. This old saying proves to be oh! so true.

Now it is not just the simple everyday choices and how you respond which make you extraordinary. It is also a huge, gigantic and life-changing decision. It isn’t about your situation. Or the particular circumstances. It is about the decisions you make. How do your reactions stand out from the crowd? How your actions speak louder than what others say they are going to do.

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You have the power within to choose a life of love and beauty or choose a life of misery and destruction. What you choose, that you will attract and will will manifest. Debasish Mridha

You don’t have the power to make rainbows or waterfalls, but you do have the power to bless people by your words and smiles. You carry within you the power to make the world better. Sharon G. Larsen

Facing life with good grace and a positive attitude. Means choosing to see life in all its complexity.

An extraordinary life is not all about the actions or the decisions you make.

An extraordinary life also involves the discovery of beauty every day. Life is extraordinary. Maybe all you have to do is switch your focus.

I find life is extraordinary for me in the simple things. When I slow down, really look and listen. When I am in my garden and a neighbour pops by with his little dog “Sniggles”. Oh! Life is great again. My day has changed from ordinary to extraordinary once more!

My son, Mark, rang today. I only get to visit him twice a year. Mark rings me at least four times a week. We chat and giggle a lot. Life has changed from ordinary to extraordinary once more!

For you, with every meal, you prepare and eat? Do you appreciate that food is truly a gift from God? Your family, whom you love with all your heart, is also a gift from God. Your life has changed with this gift — this appreciation — this gratitude — from ordinary to extraordinary. Do you feel this?

The miracle-The magic-The wonder-which is your body? It to you may not be perfect. I know there are things about my 71-year-old body which are no longer beautiful. Do you feel guilty, perhaps, about the slice of chocolate cake?

Now, switch your thoughts? You want to go to extraordinary, yes? Your body provides you with all you need to venture into your world. Your body is there for you to hug your children! Your body is there for you to cook family meals and share time with loved ones! Your body may not be perfect. It is extraordinary. Allowing you to be the extraordinary person you are.

Do you realize what a wonder your body is? You gaze up at the stars on a moonless night. It is the wonder of your eyes and your brain which makes this gaze and your understanding possible. You smell the aroma of the meal you are preparing for your family. It is the wonder of your nose and brain. I could go on forever. Your body is indeed extraordinary. Giving you the ability to be extraordinary.

To Accomplish Extraordinary Things!

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The power within is the capacity to imagine and have hope, it affirms the common human search for dignity and fulfillment. Tony Robbins

Look at everything always as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time. Thus is your time on earth filled with glory. Betty Smith

Within you is the capacity to wake up every morning with the attitude of true appreciation and gratitude. Appreciation for the wonder and beauty of our Home-Earth!

Do you acknowledge the constant state of change in which nature renews and rejuvenates? The trees in your garden and your local park shedding their leaves only to sprout new ones in the spring. Each spring birds, animals and fish-bearing their young. The young ones replace the ones who have lost their battle for life.

All around you nature is constantly changing. You can acknowledge and appreciate this constant change. Your ability to be grateful stands you apart.

Your own body is shedding thousands of cells each day, only to be replaced with new ones. Your body is renewed. This, too, is a miracle of life. You can appreciate this because of the miracle of your brain. No scientist has a true understanding of the human brain.

You use your remarkable brain. Along with all your five senses to wonder at, appreciate and acknowledge nature.

Nature is a wonder in all its glory. Nature from the microscopic atom to the largest galaxy. All in a constant state of change and renewal. All of the universes are there for you to appreciate. You can do this, why? Because you chose to step from ordinary to extraordinary. To acknowledge and be grateful for.

The Wonder of Nature photo was taken by Kohji Asakawa from:

You have decided now is the time to change from ordinary to extraordinary. You have the power within. The power provides the self-confidence and self-esteem needed to make the changes required. The power from within helps you to overcome adversity as it happens.

Making life extraordinary, one choice at a time.

You are now able to appreciate the world and the universe around you.

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