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Live A Miraculous Life

Three Components of Living A Miraculous Life: Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love!

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Is there anything more miraculous than a newborn baby?

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. John F. Kennedy

Never forget the three powerful resources you always have available to you: love, prayer, and forgiveness. H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Where there is love there is life. Mahatma Gandhi

You, like me, long for a life centred around contentment and peace. But what you see in reality is often only a dim glimpse of this hope. Is it merely a pipe dream? Or do you have within yourself the capacity to truly Live a Miraculous Life?

By forgiving yourself and others a true miracle takes place. You will erase your emotions of anger, resentment and hatred. And receive calmness and peace in their stead. True forgiveness sets you free!

Forgiveness has many, many healing properties to restore you physically, emotionally and spiritually. You have had a time when you truly forgave a loved one. Can you recall how your whole body became more relaxed and at peace? Your whole being felt somehow lighter?

When you truly forgive others and seek God the Father’s forgiveness for your mistakes your soul will sing for joy. Forgiveness is the cleansing balm that purifies your spirit making you whole once more. Your life again is miraculous and pure.

You are not perfect. None of us is. Mistakes will be made. People will be hurt. Forgiveness is an inexhaustible tool provided by the perfect, infinite and unconditional love of God. All you need to do is genuinely seek forgiveness and it will be granted. The burden of guilt and shame will be lifted. The miracle of life is re-established. You are free to love and live once more.

On each day of your miraculous life do you struggle with this key of forgiveness? To change your life’s perspective from anger to love. To change thoughts of hostility to empathy and compassion.

You are desperate to break free from these negative forces. You wish for a life of calmness and peace. Where your mind is not in a constant state of re-wind.

I remind you here and now it is within you to make the necessary changes. You have within you the capacity to remove all these negative feelings. It is scary, yes! But you are a strong and competent person. You can do this.

Remember that to err is only human. Forgiving is divine. Be the miracle you are. Turn to God the Father and forgive. Truly become as white as the driven snow.

Only concentrate on all the wondrous and miraculous changes that forgiveness has brought into your life.

Kristen Meinzer

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Living a miraculous life means “anticipating the miraculous, mysterious and bountiful opportunities life has” Allison Friedman. When the amazing events appear words and thoughts of gratitude spring naturally from your heart.

For me, miraculous, marvellous and bountiful opportunities spring from God the Father and His creations. The miraculous. Well all life, of course! To step out into my small garden. Smell the dew in the freshness of early morning on the grass. Hear the animals come alive — scurrying in their daily chores. And the most miraculous of them all. My neighbours. They too, in their own way are welcoming a brand new day.

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The mysterious — in my life. Well, the great unknown. The universe. I love watching documentaries on the age and size of God’s amazing universe. It to me is the mystery of all mysteries.

More for me to be amazed at. The mystery of the universe. The mystery of all mysteries. I can never know enough. This small amount of wisdom again makes Living my Life Miraculous.

You have in your miraculous life things that make your heart sing with gratitude. Wondrous circumstances have been revealed. Heralding unexpected pleasures. A shooting star crosses the night sky. Leaving you pondering and your heart sang. This simple pleasure will be remembered.

You have within you the magical key that unlocks wondrous mysteries. Simple and profound. Pleasures that bring words and thoughts of heartfelt gratitude and thankfulness.

Have you always been a person open and ready for miracles? Perhaps, to be in the presence of the birth of a newborn foal. Unsteady on its legs. Confident in life and all its wonder! Or, to feel the touch of a gentle raindrop after a very long drought. Now that is indeed a miracle. Or, for that special someone to call with one message. One message only. To say “I love you”. No greater miracle is needed than that!

Your life is filled with wonder, grace and love. Why because you found the magical key that unlocks the wonders of the universe. You see miracles in everyday life and situations. Nothing is simply normal. Everything is a miracle. Your heart and soul are thankful!

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Tony Fahkry

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I ask you to pause for a moment here and list five miracles that are present around you. I will list mine.

  • The miracle of electricity makes writing this story on my laptop possible.
  • The miracle of my memory and other senses, not boasting here.
  • The miracles of pen and paper.
  • The smell of coffee brewing is very tempting after a long day.
  • And, life is the greatest miracle of them all.

Have you finished?

Now, the aim of this simple task is not merely to list five miracles. Though that in itself is something to be thankful for, yes? But to raise your awareness a little. Every moment no matter where you are, life is and will always be full of the miraculous.

Love. Well, I have left the grandest miracle of life till last.

I heard it spoken once, I cannot recall where. To live AS LOVE, not to merely love. Well, I certainly have not attained that yet. Still trying every minute of every day with God’s help.

Your capacity to live a miraculous life is threatened when you feel vulnerable. When you limit the expression of love in deep and meaningful ways.

I have met people who have reached this wondrous level. Who are the epitome of love. These people are love in its true essence. People whose very being shine. Fellow volunteers. No matter their aches and pains show up and give love in abundance. Just to be in their presence makes one feel honoured.

Are these great people? Not according to our society’s values. They are simple folk who ARE LOVE! They are not afraid to give of themselves and are honest about who they are.

Their ability to love and connect to each person who walks in the door is admirable. Each person leaves feeling they have been loved. And they were indeed loved.

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Do you strive to be a person who is LOVE? To be the very embodiment of what true and genuine love is and means? To have the capacity to radiate peace and touch people’s hearts with your tenderness and compassion.

Whoever you meet do you strive to touch them with your subtle grace and calm their troubled waters?

You have realized in your dark times that it is sincere and genuine love that heals. Love liberates.

Love makes every day become in some simple way sacred.

From this realization, you endeavour to ease the suffering of others. To shine your light to brighten their days.

The question is whether you are Living Your Life Miraculously?

Living a Miraculous Life provides you with gratitude, forgiveness and most important of all love.

You can now put love into action in everything you do.

Your love will touch every person you meet.

Your gratitude and forgiveness will elevate your heart and soul. Liberating your life into a true miracle.

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