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Beautiful image of a sunrise after a dark night
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You are the star in the sky, shine your light on the path of others on your dark days to let them know who you are. Lord Robin

Let your light shine today and let your personality blossom, too. You don’t have to be a people-pleaser, just be a people-lover. Beth Moore

A strong person knows how to keep their life in line. With tears in their eyes, still manage to say, no, I’m fine. Dr. Anil Kumar Sinha

For many years I lived on a very isolated property in north-western N.S.W. I spent many hours gazing up at the stars. Especially on cloudless and moonless clear nights. Far from feeling small and insignificant. I felt a sense of amazement in who I am. A sense of amazement because God gave me the ability to gaze at and understand His creation. His universe. Each star is a light shining through the darkness. A beacon through the immense void.

I have been a light shining in the dark. A beacon shining in the darkness of other people’s lives. This is a gift from God the Father. To shine a light on the path for others to find their way.

We are all shining lights. We are all beacons shining a light for others. Helping them to get through their dark times.

Your ability to love others and to offer comfort is your inner source of light. You carry this torch with you where ever you go. You may see possibilities each day. Where you can offer comfort to another. Where you can give love away. By doing this you are, again being a beacon. Shining a loving light on another person’s dark day.

Remember by helping others in their sadness and dark days you are their ‘star in the sky.’ You do not have to be anybody special or famous. Just be the shining person you already are.

You find ways to bring joy into your life each day. This joy adds to your light and your brightness for helping others. You love people, this is just who you are. Now go and shine your light! Brighten other people’s days.

Be the torch to light the way, photo was taken by M.T. ElGassier from:

When God pushes you to the edge, trust Him fully because. Only two things can happen. Either He will catch you when you fall or He will teach you to fly.

Sometimes you’ll get hurt and you won’t get an apology or an explanation, but that’s fine because you’re STRONG enough to move on without it. Sonya Parker

Without me going into too much detail. My relationship with my oldest son breaks me into shattered pieces. Each day, each moment! I live with this knowledge — he does not want anything to do with me. Not ever!

Bear with me, if you will? I will empty my soul just a little! I have two wonderful and amazing sons. There is only two and a half months difference in their ages. The youngest, right from birth, has always required intensive 24hour care. The oldest, sadly, was often in the tender care of my parents.

Without going into detail. I was a single parent until the boys were teenagers.

My oldest always blames me for all his problems. He holds so many grudges. He never forgives any hurt or misunderstandings. He believes in things that never happened.

I will never stop loving him will all my heart and soul. I am a follower of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I constantly pray to God the Father for my beloved son.

This hole in my heart is my constant companion. Made worse by a recent phone call from him. Stating in no uncertain terms, if I try to contact him in any way he will take legal action against me. So, no phone calls, no text messages and no emails. I accepted about two years ago I would never see him again. So I lived for these rare contacts. Now nothing. Just nothing.

I have done nothing all his life but love him. I beg him to understand. To try to love me — just a little. I pray to God the Father. I wait! I wait! I wait!

No, I will not, No, I do not! Let this emptiness spoil who I am. After all, if you spoil a piece of fruit. It withers and dies. I wake early each morning confident in the Perfect, Infinite and Unconditional Love of God the Father. And leave this huge, gigantic burden at the foot of Jesus’ cross.

The thoughts are always there. I never doubt God’s love. He hears my prayers. He will indeed answer. I wait! I wait! I wait! Now differently. I wait confidently knowing my son too is loved by God. God hears my prayers. He will answer in His own good time. “All things work for good for those who love God.”

Strangely, a sense of peace and relief has come after this very upsetting phone call. Now I know he will never contact me. The niggling sense of hope has been erased. I used to check my text messages and emails daily. Hoping, ever hoping, he had messaged me. Very rarely he had. Even less often a message where I felt even a remote impression of affection. How he hates me. How this hurts! So, silence is in its way a little easier to bear.

I cannot contact him. I know him all too well. He will carry out his threat to take out legal action against me. I know as God is my witness I am innocent of all he blames me for. I am not perfect. This is not what I am saying.

I am confident in reconciliation for the two of us one day. I cannot survive a single day without believing in this hope. Without this belief.

I will, I always have and I do now love him with all my heart. I pray for him constantly.

Here is an article on Being a Beacon. A shining light for others:

Praying for strength, the photo was taken by Nathan Dumlao from:

Hardest times often lead to the greatest moments in life. To make you stand firm in life you have to know what the falling is like. Dr Anil Kumar Sinha

So when you feel like hope is gone. Look inside you and you will be strong and you will finally see the truth that a hero lies in you. Mariah Carey

Here is a story by a fellow Medium author. Her story: “ 6 Amazing Habits of Truly Happy People” is worth reading.

I have read many of Diana’s stories, they are uplifting and inspirational.

I am a firm believer, that we are all given a purpose in this life. Part of being a mother of a person with special needs is meeting other families living in similar situations. I have been a follower of our Lord, Jesus Christ for almost all of my life. I must serve Him by serving others.

I love people simply and easily. I love nearly everybody I meet. This is purely who I am. I have a knack for putting people at ease and feeling genuinely cared for. I am not blowing my own trumpet here. It is simply who I am.

At meetings or just sharing a coffee with a friend, I lend a shoulder to cry on. This is offered for free and automatically. Being a single mother of a person with special needs, I can truly identify and empathise with the challenges and burdens of these families.

I helped found a Respite Service when there wasn’t one. After hearing of a time when a 60-year-old mother had to have her 40-year-old son at the bottom of her hospital bed during a long admittance. I helped start a Community Transport Service for parents without vehicles. The cost of a taxi is too high for those existing on a Disability Support Pension. I as a parent of a person with special needs understood their pain. Their anguish.

The problems faced by parents of people with special needs are countless. It just wears one down. So, a shoulder to cry on. A person to fight on their behalf. Well, I will be their light in their dark times. I will be the beacon shining on their path. I will make life better for them when I can. I have in the past and I will again. This is who I am!

My struggle, my daily battle with the hole in my life caused by my sadness. My deep inner loneliness knowing I probably never see my oldest son ever again.

This too has brightened my light. I turn to God whenever the sadness and the loneliness hits. I hear stories from my neighbours and others suffering from separation from their families and loved ones.

I am not one to blurt out my story. This would only add to their sadness. I listen. I truly listen! Most times this is all which is needed. Just a person to share their sadness with. Sometimes much more is needed. The pain is too deep for me to help heal. The hurt caused too painful to discuss. So, I gently suggest he try the counsellor I talk to from time to time. And, of course, if the person is open to the suggestion, a prayer of comfort and peace.

My light comes from being who I am. Who I am comes from what I have experienced. I live in a Retirement Village. It is very rare to see family members visit a tenant. Perhaps, my loneliness at missing my son can be used to understand how these others are feeling.

When I pop out to check my mail, I quite often meet Bill, a fellow tenant. We chat for a while. At times Bill speaks of how terribly long it has been since having a visit from… I listen. I truly listen! His heartache is real. His hole, his space is real.

I understand. I truly understand! He misses his family oh! so much. He loves his family with all his heart. When he is ready I talk for a while. I say what he wants to hear. The person I am shines through once more. He is no longer so sad. We now speak of happier things. We talk about the beautiful flowers in his garden. I praise him for how well he tends his flowers and veggies. He straightens his shoulders and then smiles once more. I have shone my inner light and brightened his day.

Once more, simply being who I am, is the beacon needed. Once again the torch needed to light the path of another person.

It’s already happening in your life. You have used past situations and experiences to navigate through your life. Your inner light has shone on the dark times of friends, neighbours and family. By sharing who you are with others you became their beacon. Their shining light.

You are the beacon for others, photo was taken by Olga Bast from:

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. James Keller

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within. May Angelou

Giving and helping others is like love. The more love you give away. The more love you have to give away.

I don’t know about you. For me, being a beacon at times is very humbling. I am nobody special. Just plain old me! I can, I will and I must help others.

I love the quote above. Nothing can dim the light that shines from within. May Angelou Do you feel this way too? When you have spent time with a special someone. This special person is sad and somewhat down. You listened. You truly understood! If needed you lent a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold. The person talked for a while, and feels heard, understood and valued. When ready he smiles. Their day is brighter. His path has had your light shine on it and guide his way.

You have lost nothing from shining your light. You have gained something amazing. Something miraculous. You have realized yet again by lighting a person’s dark day you have allowed yourself to glow. And glow you have! So please keep shining your light. Others are counting on you. Others are waiting for your kind words. Waiting for you to be their ‘light at the end of their tunnel’.

Inspiring image of a starry night, the photo was taken by Kristopher Roller from:

When you gaze up at the stars on a cloudless/moonless night — see their light penetrating the darkness. We all are stars shining light in others’ darkness. Be a beacon shining your light helping others to find their way.

Your ability to have compassion and love for others is your inner source of light. This torch, this beacon, is carried with you everywhere you go. By being who you are and simply loving people. You shine your light!

You brighten other people’s lives!

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