Truly Capturing Australia in Oils and Now in Words

“The emotions are sometimes so strong that I work without knowing it. The strokes come like speech.” Vincent van Gogh

WOW!!! Vincent’s quote above is exactly how I feel when brush in hand —I stand infront of my easel — creating another Australian story on canvas — emotions indeed are so strong. I do at times get carried away and the brush seems to be telling my story all on its own. The image flows onto the canvas seemlessly, colours coming alive and life is Oh! so wonderful.

Am I doing this amazing nation justice??? Are my simple Original Seascape Paintings truly capturing the essence of Australia’s beauty??? Until the answer is a definite yes, I will keep painting and learning!!

My style is ever so different than Vincent van Gogh. I prefer to tailor my Original Seascapes more to Realism than his Impressionistic style of painting. Though, I do attempt to integrate impressionistic minor details to give diversity to my creations. I have always been fascinated by the swirls and bright colours that Vincent used in his impressionistic paintings. They indeed seem to bring his canvases “to life”. The intricate detail of each of his brush strokes in his paintings is simply awe inspiring. I can understand why his emotions took over. Each brush stroke was planned and placed exactly where it was needed for dramatic effect. Oh! will I be that good one day??? YES, definitely, YES!!

You can’t use up your creativity. The more you use it, the more you have”. Dr Maya Angelou

I totally agree, with this philosophy, especially since becoming a member of Medium. My first passion for telling Australia’s story will always be putting brush to canvas. Yet, now I have found Medium, the words simply flow from my finger tips onto the keyboard — then fly around the world to my Readers. Talk about a HIGH!!!

Australia’s breath-taking and unique beauty needs to be shouted to the world. I am using Medium to do just that. Unfortunately, as an artist I have to tailor my market to Australian collectors because to freight overseas is economically unrealistic. But, Medium permits me to “scream” Australia’s beauty to the World. What a wonder. What a privilege. What a blessing. I have travelled NSW and Queensland quite extensively and my belief that there is nowhere better in the world is truly confirmed.

I have experienced sunsets at Broken Hill — Oh such dramatic colours. I have sailed on the Whitsundays—gentle breeze blowing in my hair. I have SCUBA dived on the Great Barrier Reef and chased tropical fish, I never wanted to get out of the water in those times. I have hiked in the Mountains on the Far North Coast of Queensland and paddled in Oh so many waterfalls. I have watched whales prancing in the waters off Port Macquarie and heard their song on recordings. Life has provided me with so many treasures. I have been truly blessed!!!

As part of my job for middle management for the Queensland government I travelled far and wide. And, guess what — I got paid for that privilege. I love to be in the air flying from one maginificent destination in Australia to another. Being above the clouds at sunrise, seeing the apricot and peach colours being displayed (it seems) just for me. WOW!!! I can paint, but not as good as God.

Can you feel just a little my adoration for this one-of-a-kind nation? Can you understand my burning desire to put brush to canvas and seek out Australian art collectors?

Every artist was first an amateur”. Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote seems to be written just for me and gives me hope. I have only been painting for a little over two years. I am proud to say that my Outback Landscape Painting of Menindee Lake on the Darling River was accepted and displayed at the Victor Harbour Art Show. It has also been sold as has my Picnic Area on the Copeton Road Landscape. Not bad for a beginner!!!

Another quote that is a favourite of mine is: “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” Bob Ross. I like to think of my mistakes as stepping stones to my Masterpiece that I will indeed paint one day.

Now, back to the wonderful opportunity that Medium has presented to me to — that is, to “scream” Australia’s story to the world. This time her story will be told in words not Original Oil Paintings. I do not know how many words I have typed so far in this story. Not too many I hope??

I have lived in Port Macquarie on the Hastings, NSW and Hervey Bay on the Fraser Coast, Queensland for many years. Now I live in Moree Western NSW. For me each of these regions have their own unique stories to tell. Though, to be honest I favour the coast. To rise early, stroll my favourite pet-friendly beach with “Little Lady” and share the morning with the gulls gliding fearlessly above me. What a joy!!!

Each painting is my simple attempt at putting these emotions onto canvas. I unfortunately have to work from photos, so I feel I am limited in being able to capture each beach in its true nature. I put my whole heart and soul into each painting — hoping that it will be the highlight of a loungeroom of a collector one day. If you would like to browse through my Original Oil Paintings:

For now I have run out of white oil paint and everywhere in Moree has run out too. I am going to Port Macquarie next month to visit my son, Mark and I will buy a whole heap of art supplies then. In the mean time, I am honing my writing skills on Medium. I must admit this is FUN!! And, Readers from all the world are reading just how magnificent Australia truly is.

Picture sunrise on sandstone rocks transforming colours right before your eyes. Picture the surf as it smashes roughly on the rocks at high tide. Hear the gulls noisily over head. Hear your dog as it chases her ball. See the pure delight of your young child swimming in the warm waters. Hear the rustle of the embers burning in the barbeque that promises another Australian special. Taste the salt on your tongue that the breeze has left behind. Tell me isn’t life great!!! I am not one for tall man made high rises. I prefer mountains topped with snow. Hidden valleys promising cool on a hot day. Hidden valleys that also have hidden springs with tadpoles for my children to chase. Tell me isn’t life great!!!

Readers I know you have stories and memories to share. Please do. The world awaits. Australia needs to be shared in all its magnificence.

Please help me tell Australia’s story — it deserves to be told!!!



Professional Artist. I write stories about Inspiration, Love and Life Lessons. Written from my heart and from life experiences. Qualified Personal Counsellor.

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Diane Markey

Diane Markey

Professional Artist. I write stories about Inspiration, Love and Life Lessons. Written from my heart and from life experiences. Qualified Personal Counsellor.