God Invites Us to Live by Faith in Him

Mrs Diane Mary Markey
6 min readApr 2

A life of faith is exciting, fulfilling and rewarding. Filled with the love of God.

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The just/righteous live by absolute faith in God the Father.

I will take my stand at my watch post
and station myself on the tower,
and look out to see what He will say to me,
and what I will answer concerning my complaint. (Habakuk 2:1, ESV)

God loves deeply every moment. Neigh, every second of every day of our life. Do we owe Him any less? He is our Father, God. He, too, is our creator. Without Him, we would not exist. Our Heavenly Father is the foundation and the very source of all that is good, wondrous and loving in our life.

We walk with God on our spiritual journey. Believing with all our heart. He is always there for us.

Our loving, Heavenly Father has complete and perfect faith in us. We love Him. We owe Him more than words can say. We pledge our very life to Him. We have no trouble living a life of sacrifice to our God.

A life of love and obedience to His Holy Law. We give readily to our Lord.

We may have a question on the strength and origin of our faith. The extent of our faith to and in God the Father.

I have chosen the way of faithfulness;
I set Your rules before me. (Psalm 119:30, ESV)

Is our faith simply the kind that a person has in a set of religious beliefs? Honesty, pure and sweet honesty to God is required here.

Yes! We search the Holy Word of God. Yes! Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. We love God our Father and His beloved, risen Son. We ask for forgiveness of sins and receive redemption. Yes! Oh! Yes! We are saved through Christ. We love God with all our heart.

Do we live by faith? The difference is in the basis of our faith. The true reason and origin for our faith. When a person bases their faith on their own beliefs. On what they think/trust is right and wrong. When people place trust and faith in themselves. In their own capacity, wisdom, works, achievements, etc. They are blinded to the truth of God and His divine and loving wisdom.

Blessed are the true and faithful believers in God the Father.

They know that God is working in them and…

Mrs Diane Mary Markey

Published inspirational books on my love for God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. The articles on Medium also are Christian stories. Retired Counselor.