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Giving Up Is Not An Option

Never Give Up — Life Is Waiting!

This is true if you make it! Image and quote from:

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars. Og Mandino

The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. Confucius

How long should you try? …until…Jim Rohn

We have all read stories about people who have accomplished great and garish things. Achievements beyond and above our wildest imaginations. You have probably watched documentaries detailing exhilarating adventures.

Stories such as Climbers who conquered the highest mountain on earth. Mount Everest. These conquerors survived freezing temperatures, howling blizzards and extremely high altitudes. At these high altitudes, their bodies were dying with each moment they remained there.

These conquerors had to endure conditions threatening their very existence. This is beyond my comprehension. These people, these conquerors — are for me the pure essence of those who never ‘give up.

Even in these horrid, freezing conditions. With their bodies slowly deteriorating with each breath of the oxygen-depleted air. Even when close to the summit, blizzards prevented them from seeing their destination. Even though instinct was screaming for them to return to safety. Their hearts and souls quietly said no. No, I am going to continue. I am going to reach the summit. No matter what! And, reach the summit they did. One extremely painful step at a time.

When I feel like giving up. I remember my heroes. These were very brave conquerors. I take myself in hand and continue. My summit isn’t as high as Mount Everest. I put in place the necessary plans. I do all the hard work required. I accept any, and I am grateful for, the support given. I achieve my goal. I feel a great sense of accomplishment. A gentle pat on my back is called for.

Have you ever asked yourself, what sets these conquerors apart from the rest of us? Some of these brave individuals admit times of failure in their first attempts at the summit. Yet, these same mountaineers accepted this failure. Returned to base camp. Rested their weary bodies and struggled. Yes! Struggled to the summit.

Can you imagine the view from the top when the blizzards eventually cleared? Can you imagine their sense of accomplishment? No cameras there to capture their sense of elation. Yet, history was made — quitting was not an option!

Your life goal may not be as extreme as conquering the highest mountain on earth. You do indeed have a goal. We all do! To reach this destination. To achieve your goal. You too need to adopt the — ‘quitting is not an option attitude. It takes, planning and hard work at times. The sense of accomplishment when your goal is achieved. WOW! It is certainly worth it, yes?

Plan out your goal photo taken by Glenn Carstens-Peters from:

By perseverence — the snail reached the ark. Charles Spurgeon

It is when we are most lost that we sometimes find our truest friends. Brothers Grimm

The only way to success is to try over and over again. Picture in your mind, if you will, the snail in the quote above. He must have made it to the ark. After all, there are indeed snails in our gardens. The speed of achieving your assigned tasks isn’t important. Along with quitting is not an option. People throughout our history have proven they cannot be beaten if they choose not to give up.

This goal — this dream is so important. Time, effort and most probably hard-earned pennies, have been poured into this goal. You want this vision. Deep within your heart, you know it will benefit you, your family and so many others.

An obstacle hits like a brick wall. The desire to quit hits. So much has been invested into this goal. This vision still seems so distant. Now, is the time to take a serious look into the reasons why you are contemplating quitting. Take these reasons one at a time. Are they beatable? If the answer is Yes. Then, go ahead and Beat them.

Now, picture how much better life will be when these goals have been accomplished. Imagine life once the ultimate result is achieved. Step back and be grateful. Be grateful for the good things and support gained along the way.

You are not alone when this urge hits you to quit. Even my heroes on Mount Everest felt like giving up at times.

You have invested a great deal of time and effort into this particular goal. It still seems a long way off. Life seems times of excitement and frustration. Now all seems too much. The desire to quit hits.

This feeling happens to the best of us. Giving up is not okay! Looking into the backgrounds of many famous people would reveal. They too were faced with times of disappointment and frustration. Times when they were faced with the desire to simply ‘throw in the towel’. They just kept plugging along.

You have your goal as your target! Your future will be so much brighter for you and the people you love so dearly. No, giving up is not an option!

Simple steps to get you motivated:

  • Remember what your goal/vision is and how dearly you want to succeed.
  • Look at why you are disappointed and frustrated. Why do you have the desire to quit?
  • Picture in your mind how wonderful your life will be when your goal/vision is accomplished.
  • Make plans (achievable steps).
  • And, most importantly. Be grateful for the good things and people who supported you along the way.
Stairs to your vision photo taken by Alessia Cocconi from:

It takes a dream to get started, dersire to keep going, and determination to finish. Eddie Harris

Everything that is broken was beautiful at one time. And our mistakes make us better people. Jamie Hoang

Another amazing part of achieving a goal or obtaining a long-held vision is helping another. Other people too have goals, visions even dreams they are deeply passionate about. They too are working hard to make their particular vision a reality. They too may hit a seemingly insurmountable hurdle. They too may come across this familiar desire to quit.

You may have a close friend who has hit a hurdle. When reaching out for a particular goal. You want to lend a helping hand. Perhaps she helped you when you were struggling. You gently take your friend aside and remind her of your struggles. Of the time you oh! so closely came to calling it ‘quits’. With determination and her help. You persevered. You reached your goal.

You supported her through her tough time. She struggled. Then sometime later. Good news. No, wonderful news! Her vision was obtained. With your help, well laid out plans, hard work and determination. She reached her goal. For her giving up was not an option.

What has been learned from not giving up? Learning from such heroes as those who conquered Mount Everest. You not only achieved your goal — but also obtained your vision. The attitude of not being a quitter was passed on. The lessons learned were probably passed on to others by her also.

By achieving one’s goals and obtaining one’s visions so many more blessings are granted. Pure and simple blessings. Such as heartfelt pride in the sense of success, boosted because of the hurdles faced and conquered.

Family and friends gained a deep sense of respect for you. They saw how hard it was and how difficult it was to ‘hang on’ at times. The personal decision was made to persist and carry out the plans to make the vision a reality.

You ‘passed it on’ — you showed how it was possible for you. Possible with planning, hard work, persistence and the right support-for others to achieve.

There is no better feeling — you believe — than reaching the summit.

Now to plan for the next goal and vision. Even the dream of a lifetime!

Giving up is not an option!

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