Continuing to Tell Australia’s Story by Oil Painting and Now byWords

My Handpainted Seascape Oil Painting of Sunset Over Tacking Point Beach (80 x 75 cms)

Sunsets are so beautifu that they almost seem as if we are looking through the gates of Heaven. John Lubbock.

Starting my weekend days, when living at Port Macquarie on the Hastings Coast, with “Little Lady” were frequently at this pet-friendly beach. That is — Tacking Point. “Little Lady”, (if you haven’t guessed, was my very pampered pooch), who loved to play with her furry friends. She also loved to retrieve her ball, surf in the protected waters, climb like a mountain goat the cliffs at the end of this absolutely special beach (often returning with a new ball).

I still visit Port Macquarie at least twice a year. Even though I do not have this furry companion any more. I still get a charge out of paddling in the warm surf. Mark, my youngest son, and I often delight in a picnic at the end of another day in paradise. I relish the couple of times each year that I have to spend at this majestic beach.

Would you linger for a moment in your imagination at your cherished scene? Allow your emotions to flow. If your special hangout is indeed a beach. Do you, in your imagination, hear the surf breaking on the rocks just behind you? Do you hear the gulls noisily gliding overhead as they seek refuge at the end of another day? Do you see the sublime colours of sunset transform right before your eyes? Be still just for a moment and remember! Or, perhaps if you are not at a beach but elsewhere. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you taste? Memories — Imagination!! What a Blessing!!!

Have I taken you back just for a moment to that special corner of Australia that brings you tingles?

Now if I can gently draw you back to reality.

If you would please, scroll back up to my Seascape Painting of Tacking Point Beach? All these memories/emotions were stirred in me as I put brush to canvas for this favourite painting of mine.

Think of all the beauty around you and be Happy. Anne Frank

Australia — A Land of Immense Beauty

Now, before I continue Praising Australia In Words — One Location — One Beach

Tacking Point Beach, Port Macquarie on the Hastings Coast

From the eyes of an aspiring Artist:

I layout before me the many photos that I have taken over the years of this grand beach.

I decide which photo to use as the reference point for my Seascape painting — then make my statement in oil paints.

When commencing this, or any new painting, I am reminded of this:

There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you its going to be a butterfly. R. Buckmimile Fuller

There is nothing in a blank canvas that tells Australia’s story. Until!! May Be!!! This new Original Oil Painting is my simple way of reaching out to the world.

Now to telling Australia’s Story in Words:

That, too, is how I feel when I commence a new story here on Medium. Each new story is my blank canvas. Is it going reach the world? Will Australia’s story be heard? I will type the words, press “Publish” and reach for the stars.

If the hardest of rocks over milennia can be ground down to sand by water one single drop at a time. Then Australia’s story can be told to the world one single word (or Original Oil Painting) at a time. I will be like the running stream — persistent! Australia deserves nothing less!

When you are ready we can travel back to Tacking Point Beach. This beach is one of Port Macquarie’s favourite family destinations. It is quite a large beach that is open to the Pacific Ocean’s winds on wintery days. On a summer’s day the surf beacons, the sand is blown on your face by the ever persistent wind, you can taste the salt on your tongue and as your feet eventually reach the water’s edge feel the cold water tingle between your toes.

Now, if you would imagine looking around you as other families are too enjoying this awe-inspiring place of simple pleasures. Can you, in your imagination, see the smiles on the children’s faces as they splash around in the shallows? Can you see the dogs chasing the gulls hopefully? Can you see the clouds scurrying over the sun cooling you on another summer’s day? Can you hear the rustle of the leaves in the trees at the end of the beach? Can you hear the surf breaking ceaselessly on the rocks? Waves have travelled thousands of miles to splash at your feet. Now, if you will, please, breathe it all in. Breathe in the splendour that is Tacking Point Beach. And, with me say “THANK YOU”.

Tacking Point Beach is such a large beach, perhaps, we should focus on just a small part? Perhaps, just where the above painting was focussed. The cliffs on the Northern end. My “Little Lady” has climbed these rocks Oh! so many times. I swear she has ‘mountain goat’ in her blood. As you can see from the colours of the sky and their reflection in the shallow waters. The time of day for this painting was indeed ‘sunset’. Tacking Point Beach, as indeed any other eastern facing beach is truly splendid at sunset. The gentle pastel colours, that only linger for a short time, simply take one’s breath away.

To me the beaches on the Eastern coast of NSW have no equal. Some appear to stretch for ever. The colours in the waters are truly unique. If you stand still long enough at the right time of the year you may even be lucky enough to see a whale breaching on the horizon. Quite often a school of dolphins leisurely swim by to the amusement of locals and tourists alike. Every day is a day of adventure. A day to make new memories. A day to take a photo to transform into an Original Seascape Painting to tell Australia’s story to the World. Well, that is my DREAM!!!

Tacking Point Beach, even here in my room at Moree, allows me to dream. I, too, can in my imagination take in the salty air. Breathe in the freshness of another summer’s day coming to a close. Appreciate the lavish colours that can only be viewed on eastern facing beaches at sunset. And, sadly only for such a short time. And, reach down and grasp up a handful of sand and wait for it to trickle through my finger tips.

What a wonderful gift God has given us IMAGINATION!

I have also been blessed with the gift of Painting — puting brush to canvas.

Now, I have discovered the joy of Writing — putting fingertips to keyboard.

For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream. Vincent Van Gogh

Have you guessed yet? I truly believe Port Macquarie, for me, is indeed Paradise on Earth. Perfect temperature, Perfect beaches. For me, as an Aspiring Australian Artist, it is the Perfect Place to Paint in Oils on Canvas.

My belief, that it is important for me to continue telling Australia’s story to the world through words I hope is validated. Please do send your comments as I will not grow as a writer if not edited in this fashion.

Although I am relatively new to Medium I believe that my voice will be heard. I will continue to paint my Original Oil Paintings capturing Australia’s greatness in that fashion. That is, when I am able to obtain some white paint. I will also continue to use SEO strategies to maintain my ecommerce online art gallery on page one of Google.

I am convinced that I am exactly where I am needed to spread the word on Australia. Writing is relatively new to me and I am truly excited by this new adventure. Each day is a blank page. Each new story is a blank canvas waiting for me to paint and send out to the world.

Do you agree with me that Australia’ s story needs to be spread far and wide? Am I doing Australia justice? Please send me your encouragement and tips on how to improve my story/message. I couldn’t have imagined ever having another way of painting Australia’s story. Medium has provided me just that — Words springing from my fingertips over the internet to the world. WOW!!!

Have you ever felt that life is simply taking you for a ride. Well, that is how I feel when I am painting — Now, writing. I happened upon Medium when doing a Google search for attracting visitors to my Online Art Gallery. Life is taking me to where she wants me to be. I am enjoying the ride.

Take in a few deep breaths and enjoy the gift that is AUSTRALIA

And, that my readers is my story for today! Tacking Point Beach on the Hastings Coast. My words are now set free to the world so that Australia’s bounty can be shared by all. After all the vast majority of this nation is too a blank canvas just waiting to be painted. That has given me a great idea for my next story. My next location. Menindee Lake on the Darling. Piqued your curiousity, I hope???

Till-next-time, Diane.



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