Committed to Telling Australia’s Story in Oil Paintings and Now in Words

Impressionistic Style Oil Painting of Noosa Heads, Qld (80 x 100 cmx)

Carry the sun inside you and reach out for the dream that guides you. You have everything you need to take you where you where you want to go then. Anthoney Dainere

When you linger a while at my Oil Painting of Noosa Heads (above) does the brilliant sun speak of the sun inside you reaching out and guiding your dreams?

My dream, indeed my commitment, is to tell Australia’s story to the world. I never forget just how fortunate I am to live in this amazing nation. How fortunate I am to wake each day in freedom. How fortunate I am to breathe in fresh air and share my love for this country with friends, family and now the world. How blessed I am to have the gift of painting Australia’s beauty in Seascapes and the occasional Landscape. And, now how priveleged I am to have to opportunity to communicate, no to shout, to the world the many bounties this unique nation has to offer.

At times I feel I am climbing Mount Everest without the right climbing gear. Taking on a huge task that perhaps is beyond me. Then I take a step back. Take a deep breath in and remember:

No dreamer is ever too small. No dream ever too big. Dr. Jon Carnegie & Jim Stynes — Finding Heroes

When I feel overwhelmed with this responsibility.

That is, in my own small way promoting Australia to a world that seems to be struggling with ‘Covid’ and so many other mind boggling problems. I want to replace Darkness with Sunshine. Heartache with Promise. Negativity with Hope. Sadness with Joy. Australia to me has all this and more to offer the world. I truly believe that my simple Original Oil Paintings can uplift the soul and brighten lives of Australian collectors. Now perhaps my Words can uplift sad hearts and give a moment’s pleasure.

My dream, my motivation, for writing these short stories on Medium is not only to gain fans that I hope will pop over to my ecommerce online art gallery. But, to share with the world my adopted and beloved country. Little did I envision when I migrated to Australia with my parents when I was a very young child that I would fall in love with this at times harsh and wild nation.

Of course, as with all adopted children, my heart was broken remembering the family left behind in my native country — England. It took many, yes, many years for me to accept and then to fall in love with this Oh! so different country. Its many, many miles between towns. Its many, many different cultures and communities. The suffering at the hands of those who did not understand that I was different than them yet also of value. The mourning of the loss of my Home land. Yet, now I cannot, do not, wish to live anywhere else. The true uniqueness (is there such a word) that is Australia speaks to my heart. I value my uniqueness (that word again). I am proud of who I am. I believe that Australia is one of the few places in the world where a woman can be herself fearlessly and proudly.

Believe you can and you’re half way there. Theodore Roosevelt

I must convince myself of that when my paintings are not selling and my stories on Medium are not gaining “fans”. It is not for myself that I am painting and/or writing — but to tell Australia’s story. Perhaps I am aiming to high. Perhaps I should re-think my strategies. Perhaps one location — one painting — one story at a time.

But, wait just a moment here. To be rich and famous. To be recognized as an amazing artist. To have patrons lining up just to gaze in front of my Original Oil Paintings. To be able to say “ I made It”. Well, wouldn’t that be something??? Unfortunately, the bills have to be paid, art supplies have to be purchased and the website maintained. So, yes, perhaps I do need to earn a little extra money. Perhaps a little realism in this area is also needed, yes???

Do you at times feel that you have taken on tasks too large for you? Do you feel that your dream is too high? Then do not feel alone. We all have times when striving for the sky seems out of our reach. But, if we never try — we stand still and man would still live in caves. It has been said that to reach the sky we need to stand on the shoulders of giants. Is that needed here perhaps?

Now, if I may, can I gently nudge you back to the Impressionistic Painting of Noosa Heads above. What do you feel when you allow yourself a moment with this seascape? Do you in your imagination see the sun reflected in the shallow waters? See the rays of the sun in the quiet/still sky of early morning? Does this painting speak of another spectacular day in our paradise on the coast of Queensland? I love the bright colours that Impressionist painters use. The bright blues, golds and whites in this simple Seascape I believe “bring the canvas to life”? Do you not agree?

I stepped out of my “comfort zone” with this impressionstic style seascape, yet, I was still quite proud of the finished creation. I have returned to my favoured style of more realistic paintings that capture Australia’s true beauty in oils. I am a firm believer that if I don’t try something new I will stagnate in my creations, and that for me, is not a choice. The very process of searching for online courses in Impressionism was its own reward. It revealed skills and techniques that I will integrate into my paintings to add value and diversity.

Yet, I decided to stay true to who I am as an artist and to —

Be faithful to that which exists within yourself. Andre Gide.

To help readers understand me a little easier I have decided to go back to simplyfying my process and strategies:

For this, and future stories, I will concentrate on one painting at a time and the amazing location that inspired it.

For Noosa Heads: I have had many family vacations at this amazing beach over the years, but, unfortunately did not take enough photos. I had to resort to a picture resourced on the Internet. But, again, to stay true to me I used my imagination to make this Original Seascape my own. I had fun with this artwork by adding chalk to the oil paints to make them thicker. This I did to achieve the very thick brush strokes called for in the Impressionistic style of painting.

Now, returning to my commitment to telling Australia’s story to the world — one location — one painting at a time. Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast has magnificent bush-fringed beaches with warm waters that entice. Alongside Noosa Heads brilliant beach is the national park that is just a short drive away. This national park gives one the impression that it is one’s own sanctuary of absolute peace broken only by birdsong and the gentle waters breaking over rocks on its way to the sea. The crystal clear waters of the sea on Noosa Heads beach reveal small fish swimming around your feet — just another moment of sheer amazement.

Can you perhaps in your imagination linger for a while on Noosa Heads beach? Perhaps, feel the gentle tropical breeze cool you on another day in paradise. Perhaps, hear the children playing in the surf or building sand castles that will only disappear at high tide. Perhaps, stroll down to the surf and bend down to splash its warm water on to your face in appreciation. Perhaps, take a photo to share with family and friends, or keep as a memory for a life time. Perhaps, just stroll leisurely along this one-of-a-kind beach that makes you remember just how wonderful it is just to be alive. Perhaps, just to say “THANK YOU”.

Now, to tell the story of Noosa Heads in my own words on Medium. It has been many, many years since my last family holiday there. But, just the simple process of writing this story for Medium has brought the memories flooding back. The simple joy of booking the holiday at a familiar caravan park. Hurriedly unpacking so that we could get to that Oh! so amazing beach. Then seeing who could get to the water first. Never me I must admit. I love swimming. Feeling the lightness of my body floating. Feeling the freedom of being with family on these days of love and laughter. Oh! if only they did not have to end. Yet, I still have the memories. And, now this painting. Life is indeed wonderful!!!

Have you words or memories about Noosa Heads beach that you can add to share with the world? Special words that convey its glory to those that may not even heard of it. If you have not had the privilege of strolling this beach of paradise have I made you dream???

Noosa Heads — Sunshine Coast- now told in my Original Painting and in words I hope now shines to the world.

Next time, I will share another location and another of my Original Oil Paintings.

Before I became a member, or even heard of, Medium I never thought of myself as a writer. Now I perceive my writing as another “work of art — opus”. It is a skill that I strive to perfect with each new story.

Words matter, and the right words matter most of all. In the end they’re all that remain of us. John Birmingham

I am ever thankful to Medium not only for the opportunity to spread to the world the story of Australia in Original Oil Paintings and now in Words. But, also for the educational tools and resources that are available to new writers. I believe that when I have been given an opportunity such as this I must put my whole heart and soul into each story. This is my promise!!!

Do you believe that I have done Australia justice with this and my previous stories? Please do guide me on my path of telling the world of the Beauty that IS Australia!!! I cannot do it alone — it is too big a task for merely one mortal.

Australia is so unique and so old — its story deserves to be told .

There’s no place in the world quite like Australia. Henry Rollins.

I so totally agree with Henry, though I must admit that I am an lounge chair traveller where overseas visits are concerned. I do not even own a passport, or need to, I have no desire to travel overseas. When, and it is when not if, I am a rich and famous artist I will travel to Western Australia and paint her story. I have watched so many documentaries on this vast and rich state. I picture myself swimming in herreef, scaling her mountains, experiencing her horizontal waterfall and all her other unique locations. And, then capturing some of these on canvas for Australian collectors to treasure. The colours that brighten Australian skies, are reflected in shallow waters and lit up in thunder storms are visual displays that no artist however famous can reproduce. But, I will forever try!!!

It’s the colours, the light, the space. Suzanne Cory



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