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Children For Sale & Slavery

Seeking Readers’ Help to Sound the Alarm!

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All children deserve to live in safety, image and quote from

Imagine having all of your freedoms taken away, being forced to work against your will, and constantly living under the threat of violence — in short, being forced to live as a slave. Sadly, this situation is a reality for millions of children, women, and men each year as part of the global human trafficking industry. Bill Flores

This is the moral challenge of our generation. Not only are the eyes of the world upon us. More important, succeeding generations depend on us. We cannot rob our children of their future. Ban Ki-moon

I know that together, we can do something about it. Tony Kirwan

I am calling for your help to make others aware! Please I cry for you to help me sound out the alarm. Hundreds of thousands of children each year fall victim to trafficking and sexual exploitation. When each one of us saves one child. Then my ‘trumpet call’ is in earnest and my cry for help is being answered!

I am not going to apologise — dear reader. This is not my usual uplifting and inspirational style of story. Though in its own way it is definitely inspirational! I am, hopefully, inspiring you to help me sound a powerful alarm! This story is written with fingers skipping over the keyboard. Every key is touched with love and more than a bit of heartache.

I am both a dedicated follower of my Lord, Jesus Christ and a mother of two wonderful and amazing sons. This gives me some insight into the plight of the characters in this heartwrenching story.

I was doing a little shopping on Sunday with my hubby in a supermarket in Dubbo. Just outside the entrance, there were two young ladies working for a worldwide organization protecting young children. Young children suffering from trafficking and sexual exploitation. We discussed for quite a few minutes the horrors these innocents are enduring all around the world.

It shocked me to the core to realize, that even here in my beloved adopted home country, Australia, this horrid abuse is rampant. One of these young ladies asked if I knew the “number one killer of children who were the victims of trafficking?” I, of course, quite honestly answered-well I suppose suicide. Hoping deep in my heart I was terribly wrong. Not wanting to think of a child under the age of thirteen even contemplating taking their own life.

The answer was frightening. Shocking to me to visualise it could happen here in Australia. The supposedly ‘lucky’ country. The answer is diahoreah, from having to drink filthy, disease-infected water.

While I in my greed and innocence simply fill a clean glass with fresh and clean cold water from my kitchen tap when I am thirsty.

So, this story is my cry on behalf of all these young children. All around the world, falling victim to this unthinkable crime against their human rights. Being sold for a pittance into child prostitution, or child slavery. Being a mother my heart cries for each beautiful and innocent child.

Their childhood is stolen in a blink of an eye. Abuse and horrors are heaped on these innocents that we do not even imagine. I know very young children work unimaginably long hours in cramped conditions in underground mines. Never seeing the sunshine, or feeling a gentle breeze blow in their hair. They live in constant filth and never know a nutritious meal.

This young child is enjoying the sunshine the photo was taken by Tucker Tangeman from

The good news is that a victim of human trafficking does not have to remain a victim. Asa Don Brown

Here is an article that was written by another author on Medium:

These are innocent children who should be playing safely with tummies full of nutritional food.

I as a mother cannot fathom the sorrow felt by a mother who is forced by incomprehensible circumstances to sell her child. I don’t even want to think selling her child may give her pleasure. Even if she is addicted to drugs.

Each and every child is a Child of God the Father. Each and every child is God’s creation to be treasured, protected and cherished by their parents. God the Father weeps over each of His children who are sold and exploited in this cruel, cruel manner.

What I am crying out for, my dear reader is your help in sounding the alarm. I am not asking for money, that is not my place here. Though this, as in all abuse situations would help. You know-how.

Now we are going to explore together how we can save children from trafficking and exploitation. Perhaps one child at a time for a start? You are aware that there are global organizations dedicated to saving children from these horrors. Save the Children for instance is one such organization. Their statistics on this gruesome crime are disheartening, to say the least.

“Child trafficking is a crime and represents the tragic end of childhood. Children account for twenty-seven per cent of all human trafficking.” And when you consider there are millions and millions of people being trafficked each year. Then the number of children being trafficked is inconceivable. And two out of three children sold into slavery or prostitution are girls. And the age group is between 12 and 14 years old with children as young as 3 years.

Now I don’t know about you but this wants me to do something. We as people who love our children must do something.

There is an Australian organization dedicated to fighting child trafficking. ZOE — Fight Child Trafficking Organization.

One suggestion ZOE gives is I believe quite achievable. They encourage us to use our voices on Facebook, and other social media platforms.

You probably have quite a few social media contacts that need gentle encouragement and reminding. I am just asking you to help me sound the alarm. You care for these innocent children. I know you do. You would not be reading this story if you didn’t. At the end of your social media message perhaps a “pass-it-on”.

Have you heard of the “butterfly effect?” Your social media message could be the start of many more social media messages. Many, many people sounding the alarm. Bringing other people’s attention to the plight of these beautiful young children. One person can make a difference. This person is you. This person is me. This person is the person on the other end of the social media platform. This is just the beginning.

Have you a personal blog that you can use to sound this alarm. Are you a member of a community group? Could you contact your local newspaper or local politician? In the editorial of the ZOE organization, it states that “everyday Australians make an incredible difference.” You can too.

Here is the website for the Australian organization: ZOE Australia

Fight Child Trafficking with ZOE

And it is not limited to Australia. Wherever you live, dear reader, please send out this alarm. There are child victims in your country too. It is happening in every nation. Nowhere is safe from this atrocious virus. There are organizations all around the world you can join for free.

Child slavery is happening photo was taken by Content pixie from

Let it not be said that I was silent when they needed me. William Wilberforce

Did you realize that up to eighty per cent of the products you buy have human rights abuses behind them? In other words, children may be forced to work in dreadful conditions with little or no pay. I am going to do more than one Google search into that.

I have often wondered how the large supermarket chains can sell their handbags for such cheap prices. There are so many on the shelves. Each handbag must be made by someone, somewhere. I am going to look into this. And only buy from reputable merchants. Will you join me in this endeavour?

If enough of us stop buying from those who use child slaves perhaps, just, perhaps? I have seen documentaries where grown women are forced to work in cramped conditions to manufacture cheap clothing. I never thought in a million years, that my cheap handbag may be made by a child victim of slavery. Help me to put an end to this repulsive enterprise. Just a quick Google search before buying that cheap fashion accessory, please?

An alternative may be to purchase a second-hand accessory from St Vincent de Paul, for instance? The money would also be going to a very good cause. Helping someone in need.

I am always astounded when I walk into a large store. There are so many of each item. Now I am even more repelled. To even envisage that child slave labour may have been a part of their production?

My plea for help on behalf of these beautiful and innocent young children comes from my heart. My heart speaks directly to your heart sincerely with love.

Nothing more beautiful than an innocent face of a child? The photo was taken by Vitolda Klein from

These young children all across the world need our protection. If like me most of us lived in blissful ignorance of this form of abuse then this ignorance must come to an end.

My cry for your help is to sound the alarm so that people’s awareness will be raised. I have a belief that basically, the majority of people love children. I hope and pray that this love will be carried over to the protection of these little ones that cannot protect themselves.

Hopefully, this will be the last generation that tolerates such abuse.

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