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Blessings of Giving

Giving Promotes Happiness, Social Connection, Gratitude and Is Contagious!

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You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving. Amy Carmichael

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Winston Churchill

Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give. Eleanor Roosevelt

The benefits and blessings of giving your precious time, love and yourself to others are limitless. For the recipients. For your health and emotional well-being. A win-win situation, yes?

You have never even considered that by giving you are also receiving. Have you ever heard of the phrase “for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction?” When you give to others with love you also receive. This story relates to the benefits and the blessings that you will receive by giving your time and yourself.

I volunteer one day a week at the Gift Barrell Community Store. I look forward eagerly to this day. This store sells products lovingly created by the volunteers and sold at very reasonable prices. We offer not only top quality handmade craft products. But the time for a chat. We give of ourselves and our love.

I do so love giving my love away for free. Each customer shares their story and leaves with more than a gift-wrapped handmade product. I find quite a few of my customers are regulars and have become friends. It costs me nothing to volunteer but my time. What I have gained is a sense of being a valued member of the Moree community. And, yes I am a happier person.

Even when my poor old body complains I feel all the better for going. I learn so much from others’ stories. Their lives are full of lessons that mere books and the internet cannot teach. I have had customers from other countries. Describe past lives, giving me a glimpse into other cultures.

Just yesterday a professor visiting from Newcastle University, doing research in our local library. A fellow dedicated Christian. Researching the Dark Web and its influence on the minds of young people. I was so fascinated. So wonderful that someone has the courage to open our awareness to the harm the dark web is doing to vulnerable minds.

She is dedicating her life to this project. Such courage. Such dedication. To think I would not have known of her existence if I did not volunteer for the Gift Barrell.

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Beth Craig

I recommend you read her article: “The Bargain of a LifeTime.”

What do you do to help other people? I am not asking you what this is. I am asking you to pause for a moment and consider what the blessings are that you may gain.

Is it the simple moving of your heart to see you have truly made a difference in another person’s life? It doesn’t have to be an earth-moving event. Just something. A simple something, unasked for. That brought a smile to another person’s face.

Perhaps, at work, you donate blood to the Red Cross every six months. The life-giving donation has side benefits for you and your colleagues. Not, only time off work. Time to share a chat and a coffee. Your donated blood may literally save a person’s life. Now that is a miracle. A true reason for you to feel a little happier.

Perhaps, you teach others something you a very good at. I, a professional artist, benefit from the free art lessons that are provided by the Moree Local Art Gallery. These classes are more than art tutorials. They are gatherings of like-minded individuals to share knowledge and each others’ company.

Have you ever felt as I do when I work one day a week at the Gift Barrell? When I eagerly look forward to my day of volunteering. I see each new customer as a potential source of information and maybe even a new friend. Could this be simply because being kind and generously helps me to view people in a more loving light?

When it is my time to go home and another volunteer takes my place we chat for a while. This is a close-knit extended family. One thing that is common to each of these volunteers is our loyalty to each other and the Moree community. We know how the Moree community appreciates and values our little store. How our customers are more than willing to pay that little extra for premium handmade craft products. How each customer walks away feeling they were loved just a little.

Does this produce happiness in this group of volunteers? Well, the answer naturally is yes.

When you are helping others in any way. Are you aware of how it helps not only the individuals? But your local community as well?

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Perhaps, as a member of your child’s Parents and Childs Association. Do you feel part of this small community, more than just a parent? Though that is a top priority role in itself. Do you bake for the cafeteria, healthy food for the pupils? Now, I dare say your fellow P.C.A. members have fostered a sense of dependence on you. They realize that you are a person that they can rely on. As indeed you are. And, this makes you feel good.

When you generously give of yourself, your time and your love it is a true gift. This gift elicits feelings of gratitude and thankfulness, both in the recipients and in you. You love your time spent there and seeing the joy on other people’s faces.

Have you ever thought that your selfless acts of giving allow others to express their gratitude? That is another gift you are giving. Gratitude and thankfulness allow the other person to feel better about themself.

By allowing this person to express their gratitude you are strengthening your bond with them.

You may have opened a door for this person just a crack. To see other things to be grateful for. Each thing will add happiness to this person’s life.

Now, giving so generously of yourself has reaped a harvest you did not foresee. Perhaps you too have something to be grateful for.

Volunteering your time and helping others. By the giving of your love. You empower another person’s life and give them a reason to be grateful. So, don’t be surprised if you haven’t gifted yourself with a large gift of happiness. And, be grateful for this too.

Have you found that giving is catching? Well, that’s great, yes? But how so?

When you showed an unexpected act of kindness and compassion to a work colleague. Perhaps, as simple as remembering her birthday with a card and a “happy birthday” greeting. Well, how was this contagious? On your birthday, a bunch of flowers on your desk, and a card from her. Kindness and compassion, are two gifts from you that were returned with a great big dose of love.

You remembered your colleague’s birthday as an act of generosity and a sense of connection. Now, I am going to suggest this act of kindness and compassion was witnessed by other workmates. Only God the Father knows what generous acts were performed because of your initial “happy birthday” greeting.

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The power of giving is the path to a life of meaning, fulfilment and happiness.

Anyone can give. Even if you only have a little to give financially. You can give of your time, talents, love and yourself.

The act of giving helps you to connect to individuals and to your local community.

Giving evokes an attitude of thankfulness by the recipient and you.

But, most important of all. Giving is contagious!

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