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Another Glorious Day

The Sun Is Shining-The Birds Are Singing-Your Heart is Soaring!

Image of pink fluffy clouds on a blue sky. Quote Thisis the sweetest and most glorious day that ever my eyes did see. Donals Cargill
Today is a Glorious Day, image and quote from:

There is an inequivocal question in every layer of a dawn’s beautiful rise that asks: “What are you going to do with this one glorious day?” Melanie Gow

After every dark night comes a glorious morning of a new day. Sunday Adelaja

To love beauty is to see light. Victor Hugo

For you, a Brilliantly Beautiful-Glorious Day has its meaning. Your private calling for inner gratitude. Each day has opportunities to be reached. Challenges to be overcome. Steps to be taken towards your goals, destinations and dreams. You may have an opportunity to help another person in a time of sadness or need. This too brings happiness to add to your day. Reasons for gentle congratulatory pats on the back for jobs well done. Today is indeed a Glorious Day!

I am not going to intrude or even guess what your Glorious Day may be.

Instead, I will speak of this day. This Brilliantly Beautiful-Glorious Day. Why it is, and was, so utterly amazing for me!

As I arose this morning birdsong greeted me, as it does nearly every morning. I awoke refreshed from another peaceful night’s slumber.

As I write this story, the birds are singing their chorus, just outside my windows. Singing their delight to be alive to their families. The sun is shining on another sublime autumn day here in Moree.

I have again been inspired to write a new story for you, (my reader), through Medium. The pure pleasure of seeking the information to make this article interesting, adds to my day. As I learn from other people through Google. Quotes found to entertain from interesting folk. I come alive when writing. My memory and imagination, as well as my pen, take flight.

Please, if you will, allow me to backtrack a little. Open my Glorious Day. I am an early riser. I wake with the birds as my alarm clock. And give thanks to God the Father for His oh! so many blessings.

I live in a nation of freedom. Even though I am fast approaching 71 years old, I am relatively healthy. Yes, this in itself is a true blessing. I am extremely grateful.

I get my daily chores over and done with early. Now I am at peace to either complete another original oil painting or write another story. Today! I have chosen to write.

Image of a story, photo taken by Nong V. from:

Time is passing. Each day is a glorious opportunity to live and enjoy. Today I will let the past die-all the undone things, all the misjudged things. …Today, there are new pleasures, new challenges, new magic. Ruth Carter Stapleton

So, yes a new Glorious Day has dawned on me!

Now, no I have not forgotten you, my precious reader. After all, you are the only reason I write my stories.

I do not presume to ask or speculate how you started this Brilliantly Beautiful-Glorious Day! I can guarantee the day has indeed dawned on you. Perhaps, you greeted this day… Have you a morning routine. Remembering you do have some resemblance of control on how it begins.

Are you a morning person, like me? Or do you more gradually step into your glorious day? Either way is perfect for you. You are you. And this is all which matters to get things kicking, right?

This bright and glorious morning will present you with so many opportunities. You may have the wonderful feeling of butterflies fluttering. I have these as I am writing this story to and for you.

Or, perhaps, the day is not starting so brilliantly for you. You are even feeling it isn’t such a glorious day after all. This too is okay! These not so glorious days happen to the best of us. But, not to you. Not today!

You are going to change this not so glorious day. And change it right now. You can change it. You will change it. And how?

The technical term “Positive Morning Affirmation”. Sounds complicated-yes? If you will-I will explain how I change a not so glorious day.

Well, firstly I don’t like so glorious days. So, I decide to make it back into a brilliant day. I know I am the only person who can do this. I can, of course, ask for help from family and friends if needed. I have to act immediately.

I decide to take whatever actions and steps are required and do them straight away. Of course, some actions take more than one day. This too is okay. I am at peace knowing I have started. And, before I know it, my day is back to being glorious. I even have reason to give myself a gentle congratulatory pat on the back. For a job well done.

Now, you, how do you transform a not so brilliant day back into another glorious day? You have your own tested, tried and proven strategies you will call on. You have friends and family who will help when asked.

You have faith in yourself. You are the courageous and strong person needed for this necessary task. You will indeed act and face any fears. You demand today to be a brilliantly beautiful-glorious day.

Another Glorious Day, photo taken by Frank McKenna from:

Wake each day with glorious sensation of something to strive for and get one step closer to then, inspire another to do the same. You will NEVER have a bad day! Carl Henagan

Have you found, as I have, that when you are helping another person to regain happiness — you too feel happy? Does this again make your day glorious?

Allow yourself a moment or so to remember a time when this indeed happened. When a friend of yours was sad. You simply spent time with her. Gently shared her sadness. Yes, when the time was right, perhaps offered a sincere compliment. A sign of appreciation of how well she was handling the situation. Perhaps, surprised her with a bunch of flowers picked fresh from your garden, along with an attached note.

And, before you know it she is ready for a simple sign of happiness for the two of you to share.

When you are happy, you are making your day even better. I have volunteered for quite a few community-based organizations. And, yes. For me, helping others does indeed bring happiness.

The best time ever is the Christmas Festival at Colleranebri. When the whole community gathers. Our local branch of the Community Woman’s Association provides a ‘bric-a-brac’ stall and gives away ‘chats’ and ‘love’ for free. A couple of hours of pure community love.

I try to bring this type of happiness into this glorious day.

It, for you, is important to bring happiness into Today! Perhaps, you too are the type of person who has discovered the secret to living a satisfying and fulfilling life. By helping others and returning happiness to their lives. You indeed bring happiness back to your glorious day.

Find time today in your busy schedule to help somebody by using your passions. I am not a good singer. Yet, I love singing. So Christmas Carols and singing along with my local community. Yes, happiness multiplied by many thousands. Adding to the beauty of another glorious day.

I am getting a little side-tracked there! Let’s get back to Today, shall we?

I have two major goals/dreams I am striving for today. Indeed every day.

  • To be a Master Artist and
  • To be a Global Best Seller.

Not much really???

I trust you to have one or more major goals you strive to fulfil. Today you promise yourself to get one step closer!

A Person doing what I love doing painting, photo taken by Ilnur Kalimullin from:

The sky began to spit fat drops of rain and a cold gust of wind whipped dust and litter against his legs. The sadness vanished and he thought how glorious the day was. Helen Simonson

First of all, perhaps for you, your goal is a dream. A long help vision! An exciting journey to only you and your closest know where. Today you will do what you need to achieve to get closer. Closer to your destination. Your goal. Your dream.

Perhaps, complete another lesson in your course. Conduct a Google search. Whatever today’s task is. You will start and finish it today. And, do it well. After all your goal, your destination, and your dream depend on the steps taken today.

Another reason to give yourself a gentle congratulatory pat on the back. Another reason for happiness. Yes, today is a glorious day!

You woke this morning knowing you were the only person who could make today a glorious day. The day presents itself with so many opportunities for you to show gratitude. And to build and show faith in yourself.

Today may have presented an opportunity for you to help another person who is in need. To bring happiness in a time of sadness. This too added to your glorious day.

You have goals, destinations and dreams which are part of life’s journey. Today you took steps towards achieving these goals and dreams.

You gently congratulated yourself along the way for jobs well done.

It is indeed a Glorious Day!

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