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My handpainted Seascape Painting of Tacking Point Beach (80 x 75 cms)


Seascape & Landscape Artist — Now a Writer

Australia to me is a country of breath-taking beauty that has colours and textures that call to me to be captured on canvas. Which is precisely what I do. I paint original seascapes and landscapes in oils that reflect our nation’s essence for Australian art collectors who treasure this nation as much as I. My website if you want to learn more about me:

I have only been painting for a couple of years. I feel it is a God-given gift that brings joy to my life. As an emerging artist, I spend time and energy learning techniques and skills so I can present Australia at its best. I can unfortunately only paint my seascapes from reference photos as I live in Western NSW-Moree.

Quote and Image

I started painting because I loved looking at beautiful Australian artwork. Upon retirement, I thought I would try this wonderful form of art for myself. I cannot imagine a world without art. I cannot imagine Australia without Australian art in all its diverse forms

Can you and I live without art and artists such as I? Artists who create beautiful and diverse artwork to brighten our lives. I believe Australia without Australian art would lose some of its unique taste and attractiveness.

Art to me is timeless. Australian seascapes and landscapes capture a moment in time and place that speak to the viewer. If a person lingers before a painting he/she can be transported to a memory?

There are many reasons why I decided to become a painter of Australian seascapes and landscapes. The main reason is the pure pleasure and joy I gain from transforming a photo into a bright/colourful oil painting. Then, getting online and sourcing any course I can afford to teach me techniques and skills to improve my future paintings. Then, and this is the most important, the creation of beautiful original oil paintings that will make the home of Australian art collectors brighter.

Every painting is a voyage into a sacred harbour. Giotto Bondone

The artist’s world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away. It is always on his doorstep. Paul Strand

The mission of art is to represent nature not to imitate her. William Morris Hunt

My original seascape and landscapes are creating pictures of specific times and places that each have a special place in my heart. I only hope my paintings inspire and stimulate art collectors and please them.

My original paintings — especially my seascapes — are each an expression of my thoughts and emotions as I am creating them. For me, each artwork is also about sharing my love of Australia.

What is the importance of art for You?

I only hope my paintings communicate the beauty of Australian scenery to the viewer.

Art is uniquely positioned to move people — inspiring us, inciting new questions and provoking curiosity, excitement and outrage. Van Jones Graph

Do you believe art (paintings) is good for you? Do you feel a beautiful painting is a cathartic experience that also has provided the artist with a sense of achievement? I know I feel a true sense of joy and satisfaction upon completing a painting. Do you, when you stand in front of a favourite painting feel a little brighter by simply being in its presence?

For me creating an original seascape, or the occasional landscape, allows me to bring something into being — so to speak. I am amazed how the simple process of planning and painting each piece has helped me discover ME!

Google and the online courses I have completed have certainly helped me to become better than I could have dreamed. Yet, I am only a beginner with so much more to learn and so many more paintings to create.

Why do I paint Australian Seascapes and Landscapes?

The sheer beauty of Australia takes my breath away. My God-given ability to put brush to canvas and capture a particular moment in time and place is an honour and a command. Painting is my way of giving life — describing a scene from a photo in oil paint. This scene in oils on canvas though different from reality still has value. I only hope each painting enhances the viewer’s experience/belief in Australia.

Australia is the lucky country
Lucky, yes we are
Australia is the lucky country
Lucky, yes we are
The luckiest country. Johnny Georgy Brown

As time goes by I feel I do get better at capturing Australia’s beauty in oils. I have other reasons why I paint deeper more intimate reasons. As I progress and grow as an artist my paintings certainly do provide me joy. When I sell a painting it certainly boosts my ego. When I have a painting accepted in an Art Show my self-esteem has an extreme boost. The absolute joy I see on my son’s face when I present him with a portrait of himself or our dog, “Little Lady”, is a treasure worth more than all the gold in the world. The pride that I gained when a portrait was accepted in Moree’s Local Art Gallery Portrait competition. Little rewards like this make all the hard work truly worth it.

The reward I gain as I browse through my earliest paintings — is as I realize I have indeed progressed quite a lot. This realization deters negative emotions when it has been a while since a painting has been sold. Then I am motivated to once again begin a new painting, which I pour my heart and soul into. Knowing this one will be even better than all the others. The sheer pleasure of seeing each painting come to life before my eyes as the hours/days/weeks fly by. That is a pure pleasure that is OIL PAINTING!!!

Do you understand the sense of accomplishment of actually seeing my completed painting professionally framed? This gives me a sense of pride and happiness — in turn giving me a reason to keep on painting and studying.

When I started writing on Medium I realized my paintings too are another form of communication. Only visual. I am communicating Australia’s story in oils so her beauty can be viewed by others.

I have always had an inner compulsion to create. From quilt making to making Teddy Bears, to Tapestries that take many years to complete, to knitting large items to cover lounges for family and friends, dressmaking, etc. I have a glimpse of how our Creator God felt when He created everything. Not His equal though and never will be.

Do you ever feel that you have changed simply by doing something you are passionate about? I do not know if it is true, but I feel I have indeed changed a little since I picked up brushes and started painting. I think I look at the scenery a little differently. I look at Australian nature and picture how it might appear in my next painting. I look at waves crashing over rocks and picture how they would appear in my next seascape. When viewing a magnificent sunset over the horizon — I again picture the pastel colours coming to life on a canvas.

Have you ever found inspiration from Australian nature and wanted to capture it and keep it forever? And, not merely in a photo, though in the hands of a Master, it too is ART.

To say that I find inspiration in Australian nature is an understatement. When I visit my youngest, Mark, at Port Macquarie and stroll along my favourite beach at sunset I am indeed inspired and stimulated to create another seascape. I, of course, take many photos for this future seascape.

Did you ever feel different from everyone else and proud of this? I did not realize until I joined Australian Online Art Galleries just how unique I am as An Australian Artist. I am proud of this and will never diminish who I am merely to sell a painting. This is another reason why I continue to study. There are so many more experienced Australian artists that I have to compete against. The need for improvement is essential. I will stay true to who I AM and will continue to interpret Australia’s beauty on canvas in my way.

I will preach with my brush. Henry Osswa Tanner

I am not preaching with my brush I am story-telling. I am telling Australia’s story in oils on canvas. Each one of my original paintings tells of my love for this country in my way. I value who I am and put all that I am into each creation.

The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work. Emile Zola

Yes, my ability to put brush to canvas and create a seascape or landscape is indeed a gift from God. Agree with the above — “the gift is nothing without work”. Yet, to have work that gives me such joy is a prize to be treasured in and of itself.

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. Henry Ward Beecher

I never thought of it quite that way, but it certainly is the way I feel when I am painting. I put my whole heart and soul into each creation. I get carried away and so I suppose — yes — I dip my soul into my painting and paint my nature into my creation. Perhaps that is why every one of my paintings is so unique.

Why do you buy a beautiful painting?

Is it more to make the wall in your lounge room look brighter? Or, is it as it is for me. The most amazing piece of nature You have ever seen and You can afford. You simply must have it.

Or, is your next purchase to be a gift to a loved one? A person who has a strong emotional bond. You want to say “I love you.”

I believe art — painting — in itself is a gift. So, if a loved one has a special form of art he/she loves. Then go ahead and make that special purchase and say “I love you.”

Well. That is me as an artist. Just a learner but having fun on the way.

Till next time, Diane.



Mrs Diane Mary Markey

Published inspirational books on my love for God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. The articles on Medium also are Christian stories. Retired Counselor.